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Rocky Carson Quick Tip - Knee Exercise #3 - Leg Curls

While many of us are at home and unable to get on the courts Rocky will be doing short videos from home Monday, Wednesday and Friday showing us how he stays in shape.


This week is a six-part series for knee exercises. For this week’s third video, Rocky wants us to try leg curls today. This is a very simple workout that is very beneficial, it will really target the lower back and hamstring. In a standing position put one leg flat on the ground and take your opposite leg and bring it up behind your back hold it for a few seconds then bring it back down. Try to maintain your balance when doing this exercise. Rocky is going to be covering a few different exercises both this week and next week to really help keep your knees strong and healthy. Rocky, really focuses off the court on keeping the muscle around your knee area strong. Try to do this a few different times and see how many you can do. We hope everyone tries this out and good luck!

Below are Rocky Carson quick tip videos for exercises to help you stay in racquetball playing shape, if you are looking for racquetball playing video tips then check out Rocky Carson's Racquetball Video Tips Section.

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Stretching

Warm Up Stretches

Legs & Lower Back Stretches

Shoulder Stretches

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Core Strengthening

Core - Bicycle

Core - Plank: Knee to Elbow

Core - Plank: Hand to Elbow

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Footwork Drills

Footwork - Shuffle Drill

Footwork - Pivot Drill

Footwork - Lunges

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Post Match Stretching

Post Match - Stretching

Post Match - Core

Post Match - Lower Body

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Upper Body Stretching

Shoulder Strengthening - Stretching

Shoulder Strengthening - Dips

Shoulder Strengthening - Dead lifts

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Lower Body Stretching

Lower Body - Feet and Calf

Lower Body - Feet and achilles

Lower Body - Bottom of Feet

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Lower Back

Lower Back and Spine



Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Challenge Week

Challenges - Push-ups

Challenges - Sit-ups

Challenges - Lunges

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Foundational Exercises


Leg Hop

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Family Exercises

Challenges - Planks

Challenges - Abs

Challenges - Squat

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Chair Exercises

Chair Exercise - Dips

Chair Exercise - Lower Abs

Chair Exercise - Step Ups

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Shoulder Exercises

Shoulder Exercises - Lateral deltoid raises

Shoulder Exercises - Presses

Shoulder Exercises - Upright rows

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Pushups

Pushups - Traditional

Pushups - Wide Grip

Pushups - Dead Stop

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Lunges

Lunges - Static Lunge

Lunges - Side Lunge

Lunges - Jumping Lunge

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Knee Exercise

Knee Exercise - Lunge

Knee Exercise - Leg Extensions

Knee Exercise - Leg Curls

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Knee Exercises PT 2

Knee Exercise - Calf Raises

Knee Exercise - Squats

Knee Exercise - Wall Sits

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Muscular Endurance - Variety

Muscular Endurance - Variety

Muscular Endurance - Variety

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Outdoor Racquetball - The Best Parts pt2

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Outdoor Tips

Tips - Overhead Shot

Cutting Overhead Shot

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Outdoor Racquetball - Conrolling Center Court

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Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Controlling the Court

Serve - Returning

Serve - Returning

Rocky Carson Quick Tips - Eliminating Mistakes

Tips - Errors and Mistakes

Tips - Common Mistakes

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