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Python String
Python Atlas Deluxe
Ashaway Multikill

Racquetball String Tips

Racquetworld's current most recommended racquetball string is the Python Atlas 17 gauge. You'll get some of the best playability and incredible pop with this high quality string.

If you're looking for just a regular synthetic gut string to replace your current strings, choose the Zone or Gamma Synthetic Gut 16 or 17.

*A General rule, as you go up string gauge, the string is less durable but more playable. For example, 18 gauge is more playable than 17 gauge but won't last as long. If you're a string breaker, you might want to go with the 16 gauge. If you're unsure, 17 is a safe bet because it's right in the middle.

If you're looking to have your racquet restrung by the pro's at Racquetworld, check out our RESTRING SERVICE section. With the tricky racquetball stringing patterns today, send your racquet in and have it done right with the specifications you want and that will help your game style the most.

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