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RacquetWorld's Exclusive Racquetball Racquet Ratings ranks racquets on a 100 point scale. The main idea behind the age ratings is F=MA, or Force = Mass x Acceleration. What this means for a racquetball player is that to generate more power you either need to increase your swing speed or the weight of your racquet. On average a younger player is going to generate more swing speed so a lighter racquet usually fits a younger player while a older player with a slower swing speed would require a heavier racquet to generate the same amount of power. Our ratings also factor in the specific racquet technologies, frame shape and string pattern.

The products below are our 2019 - 2020 top 10 rated racquets for age 35 overall (includes both power & control). You can search our Full Racquetball Racquet Ratings Database for more detailed information. If you are more interested in the best value racquets check out our Bang for the Buck Racquet Section.

Age 35 Top 10 Rated Racquetball Racquets

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