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Racquetball Racquet Technologies

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The Company...

Head is a huge company that stands behind their product. They signed World #2 Rocky Carson as their professional playing sponsor. Head also owns Penn which is the biggest supplier of racquetballs in the world. Head's phone number is 1-800-289-7366. For warranty returns please give them a call at that phone number.

Head 2019-2020 Technologies

Graphene 360+ - the combination of Head's signature Graphene 360 technology for optimized energy transfer and innovative SPIRALFIBERS for enhanced flex and unmatched power. Sprialfibers stretch and untwist on ball impact. - New for 2020 - 2021

Graphene 360 - Graphene is now throughout the frame vs. just in key locations - New for 2019 - 2020

  • Forms the structural base of the racquet, strategically positioning Graphene in the throat and extending into the racquet head
  • Delivers unparalleled stability and optimized energy transfer from the racquet to the ball
  • Maximized the power of your game

PWRAIL - High Performance Beam - New for 2018 - 2019

HEAD engineers have developed a major breakthrough in high performance racquet design. PowerRAILS Technology is an all new advanced beam cross section in the throat area of the racquet. PowerRAILS dramatically increases torsional stiffness delivering unprecedented power with stunning pinpoint control.

Graphene TOUCH - New for 2017 - 2018



  • HEAD Engineers have modified the Graphene layup in order to improve shock absorption upon impact
  • Delivers unparalleled comfort without compromising the power level of Graphene
  • This creates the perfect combination of power and comfort

Adaptive Fan Pattern (AFP) - New for 2016 - 2017

Head's new technology allows you to customize your string pattern to match your game. Specially designed bumper guard allows you to choose your string pattern every time you string. (No special inserts required)

16 / 16 String Pattern
Ultimate in Power, Precision and Durability

12 / 16 String Pattern
Ultimate in Power and Softer Feel


Graphene XT - New for 2015 - 2016

GrapheneXT allows an even more extreme distribution of weight creating HEAD‘s lightest racquets ever! ... less head weight is created for an even faster swing speed and explosive power!

ASP - Adaptive String Pattern - New for 2015 - 2016

HEAD's new technology allows you to customize your string pattern to match your game. Specially designed inserts allow you to choose your string pattern every time you string your racquet.

  • 16/16 String Pattern (Factory Default) - Ultimate in Power, Precision & Durability
  • 12/16 String Pattern (Requires Restringing with 12/16 insert) - Ultimate in Power & Softer Feel

Delta Frame - New for 2015 - 2016

  • Optimized frame shape with constant beam width
  • Largest sweet spot possible
  • Sweet spot remains high onthe string bed
  • Incredible Power & Feel

Graphene - New for 2014 - 2015

Graphene exploded on the tennis world last year and has now made it over to Head's Racquetball Racquet Line..

Discovered in 2004, Graphene consists of a single two-dimensional layer of carbon atoms. This material has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel, which makes it the ultimate substance for creating new HEAD racquetball racquet frames with exceptional properties. Graphene™ technology allows for the first time an optimal redistribution of weight in HEAD racquets allowing for the creation of lightweight racquets with balance point never before acheived.

  • Has a breaking strength 200 times greater than steel.
  • Enables us to create lightweight racquets and shift the balance points down to a level we could not achieve in the past.
  • This creates increased swing speed which causes the racquet to become radically powerful.
  • In addition to the increased power, the racquet also becomes very maneuverable.

Innegra - Introduced in 2012 - 2013

InnegraTM is today the worlds lightest high performance fibre.

On top of this: HEAD’s new hybrid-composite structure with the ultra tough InnegraTM fibre considerably extends the performance of your HEAD racquet, that means the racquet remains longer in the perfect condition without losing any of its great properties.

Innegra Technology Feature:
- Extremely tough and light;
- Lightest fibre in the world today
- In combination with carbon fibre, InnegraTM forms an ultra tough hybrid-composite structure

- improved stability and increased shock absorption
- vibration on ball impact is reduced by up to 17% for unique control and precision
- HEAD's new hybrid-composite structure considerabley tends the performance of your HEAD racquet

Power Channels

Power Channels

Head takes Power Channels to the next level! This power technology is created through molded tubes in the throat, eliminating exterior string holes and the traditional grommet system. This lengthens each main string and creates maximum stiffness which results in an incredible increase in raw power. The Power Channels are now equiped with Teflon friction reducing polymer allowing the strings to slide through the Power Channels with nearly no friction resulting in maximum energy transfer which increases power on every shot

Power Stabilizers

Power Stabilizers

Head panteted twin-tube technology has been strategically positioned in the head of the racquet to provide maximum stability on every shot.

Inner Grommet System 2


The next generation of Head's revolutionary Inner Grommet System Technology, IGS2, eliminates exterior grommet holes delivering optimal stiffness, but with less weight. Each tube is now lined with Teflon friction reducing polymer allowing the strings to slide through the IGS tubes with nearly no friction. This results in maximum energy transfer which increases power on every shot.


Head YouTek

Technologies get individual. Combines different superior technologies to perfectly match your individual playing style. It does not matter if your game is aggressive & risky or conservative & safe, this enhances any performance and brings out the best in you.

The following Technologies are all part of the 2010 - 2011 YouTek Technologies

d3o (dee-three-oh) - It Starts with the Material

d3o Technologyd3od3o

d3o is a smart material made from specially designed smart molecules. It is soft at low speeds and soft impacts but stiffens on hard impacts.

It senses the needs of the player and actually adapts to the shot. On powerful, aggressive shots, the smart molecules lock together within nano seconds to dramatically increase the stiffness of the racquet to provide maximum power. On slow speed impacts d3o in its relaxed state, absorbs the impact to provide a softer touch and better feel.

  • d3o is a member of the "smart material" category, a new futuristic material with abnormal behavior characteristics
  • Specifically, d3o changes its behavior under dynamic loading / impact
  • Special behavior: It is a single material exhibiting two different mechanical states (stiff or soft) under different impact rates or forces
  • d3o is integrated into the graphite lay-up of the racquet frame
  • It is positioned in the throat of the racquet where it flexes the most in order to maximize power and performance

Corrugated Technology 2 - New for 2011 - 2012

CT2 technology (an upgrade from CT technology) which incorporates corrugated rails on all sides of the racquet throat resulting in explosive power on every shot

Teflon Polymer

Dupont friction reducing polymer is a material with extremely low coefficient of friction. It is mixed with polyamide (materials used in IGS2 and PowerChannels) to create a new material the consists of PA and Teflon polymer. This creates a self lubricating effect in the base material which enables the strings to slide through the grommets with nearly no friction. By having an extreme, low friction contact surface, the string does not lose energy during ball impact and can move freely around the grommets to offer more power.

Aramid Bumper

Aramid Bumper

This new bumper technology provides the ultimate in racquet durability. It has ultra strong aramid fibers integrated into the bumper material. The molecules of those fibers strengthen the chemical bond increasing the durability of the racquet head by up to 17%!

Power Stabilizers... NEW for 2009-2010

Power Stabilizer - Head patented twin-tube technology has been positioned in the head of the racquet which provides maximum stability of every shot.

Power Stabilizers

Corrugated Technology... NEW for 2009-2010

"CT" - Corrugated rails are incorporated into the throat area of the racquet. These corrugated rails increases stiffness up to 12% vs. conventional racquet design which results in explosive power on every shot!

Corrugated Technology

DuraZone String Pattern

DuraZone String Pattern

Head engineers have eliminated 33% of the grommet holes in the head of the racquet by developing innovative shared ports. This results in increased durability and maximum stiffness. In addition, Head has lowered the Power Channels deeper into the throat of the racquet increasing the length of each main string for more power.

AMP... NEW for 2008-2009

AMP is integrated into the critical throat area where traditionally power is lost during ball impact. Lab testing confirms AMP Technology delivers 20% more stiffness than conventional racquet design, resulting in more energy return. The uniquely designed dual beams work together creating a counter-balance effect for an explosive increase in raw power with every swing. Get ready to supercharge your game with HEAD’s new AMP Technology!

Dual Power Construction... NEW for 2008-2009

HEAD's new DPC technology incorporates a tapered beam design that puts more mass in the head and throat areas of the racquet. This increases stability and delivers incredible power on every shot.

Durazone / Power Channels... NEW for 2008-2009

HEAD engineers have eliminated 33% of the grommet holes in the head of the racquet by developing innovative shared ports. This results in increased durability and maximum stiffness. In addition, Power Channels have been lowered deeper into the throat of the racquet increasing the length of each main string for more power.

MicroGel... NEW for 2007-2008

Micro Gel is a revolutionary silicone-based material that support up to 4,000 times it's own weight; this low density material is injected between the graphite layers throughout the entire frame. Upon ball impact the Head MicroGel compresses, absorbing and dispersing the impact to the entire frame, then returns quickly to its original shape. This creates incredible performance with Rock Solid Power.

Metallix... NEW for 2006-2007

metallix molecular grain

So what is MX? It stands for Metallix which is a specially developed Matrix of carbon fibers and a new crystalline metal alloy. This alloy's grain size is 1000 times smaller than those of a typical metal, and by decreasing grain size, you increase performance. Overall, Metallix allows for a stronger, stiffer, and more powerful construction.

FlexPoint... NEW for 2006-2007

The other new technology which came out in Tennis first and was brought over to Racquetball is Flexpoint. Two precisely engineered control holes strategically positioned in the center of the racquets sweet spot, are coupled with innovative dimples that work together to create a powerful flexpoint that is activated everytime you hit the ball. What this basically means is you get INCREASED POWER with INCREASED CONTROL!

Liquid Metal...

Head took the megablast technology to a whole new level with their new Liquid Metal Megablast's. These are available in 170, 180, and 190 weights.  These are the hardest hitting racquetball racquets in Head's long history. This technology was such a success in Tennis that they moved it right on over to Racquetball where it's continuing to boom. What does it do to your game you ask? Well, the secret of Liquid Metal performance is its liquid atomic structure. Compared to conventional metals, it offers advantages that are far beyond today's racquet technology. The Liquid metal atomic structure does not deform on impact, resulting in ultimate energy return. Standard atomic structure deforms on impact causing extreme energy loss. What's all this mean...29% MORE POWER!! Liquid Metal atomic structure is 2 1/2 times stronger than titanium and delivers 29% more power. Liquid Metal technology utilizes the pure energy of ball impact making the full energy available for maximum power return.

Total Sweetspot Construction (TSC)...

Through its innovative corrugated structure, Total Sweetspot Construction increases torsional stability in the racquet head. TSC extends the sweetspot throughout the entire racquet head resulting in ultimate control. Now every shot feels like you've hit the sweetspot.

The megablast technology served to be a success for Head last year as we named it Racquetworld's 2003-2004 racquet of the year.  IT HIT'S HARD! Head decided to move into the power racquet market this year with the world's first string-bed energy return system. A specially formulated super thermo-polymer material called HEAD ENERGY is placed under the bumper guard and grommet area effectively suspending the entire string bed. Upon ball impact and deflection of the string bed, the HEAD ENERGY material explodes back to its original shape creating an incredible "trampoline effect" for unprecedented ball acceleration.

Head's new power technology breakthrough creates more stiffness in the throat area of the racquet for unbelievable power on every shot. Molded tubes pass inside the throat, completely eliminating lower exterior string holes for maximum stiffness. The result is an incredible increase in raw power. In addition, each Power Channel tube is wrapped in a special vibration dampening material. Since each of the 16 main strings pass through one of these tubes, a built in vibration dampening system is created for the ultimate in comfort for all levels of play.

Intelligence X...

Intelligence X was Head's new technology for the 2002-2003 season which basically means that the Intellifibers in the racquets throat area stiffen on ball impact.  This active resistance stiffens the racquet reducing longitudinal bending.  All the new Megablast racquets are "Powered by Intelligence X."


HEAD's new cross-section for increased torsional stiffness. It's an innovative cross-section design featuring dual rounded bubbles in the throat and shaft area of the racquet, reducing weight by 6% and increasing torsional rigidity by 27%. The benefit of this innovation is that because of its light weight and stiffness, HEAD's PowerFrame increases torsional stability for less torque and twist providing optimum control and reduces weight for maximum maneuverability.


What makes Intelligence Technology possible in racquets is HEAD's breakthrough intellifiber which is a new fiber created from piezoelectric material. HEAD's intellifiber transforms the mechanical energy from ball impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet for ultimate power.


Innovative triple layer design, unique anti traction surface, large perforations and super absorbent, soft cushioned base. Designed in racquetball length and thickness, non-slip for better grip, better air flow for moisture reduction, extremely comfortable.

Patented power and vibration dampening system located in the bumper and grommet system. Dual Density combination of a hard outer surface with soft elastomer material reduces string vibration up to 25%. The cone-shaped grommets enlarge the sweetspot and allow more freedom of string movement, resulting in added string resiliency for an extra power boost of 20%.

Titanium Racquetball...

Ultra-strong titanium is woven with ultra-light high modulus graphite to create the ultimate composite. The results is a stronger, stiffer and lighter weight construction which creates ultimate power.

Power Zone System...

Innovative new string pattern with "double-hole" grommets creates longer main strings while keeping the sweetspot up high where you need it.  Unique oversized coneshaped grommets allow maximum string elasticity, providing a "trampoline effect" for increased power with every hit.

Softac Traction...

Head's Softac Traction offers a premier synthetic grip with a naturally tacky feel and innovative textured surface pattern for the best grip in the game.


A revolutionary vibration dampening technology built into the bottom of the handle reduces vibration 90% faster for the ultimate in comfortable play.

ANTi.Torsion System...

Head has engineered a special AnTi.Torsion system into our most powerful new racquets. This revolutionary system, made from Head's exclusive titanium/graphite composite, stiffens the entire throat area and fuses more rigidity into the frame - all without reducing the length of the main strings or the size of the string bed. The result is less torque on off-center shots for unprecedented power.


All Head racquets are designed with maximum added length for ultimate power and reach.

Ultra Light Weight...

Increased racquet-head speed promotes lightening-quick maneuverability and more power. An additional benefit time for even the quickest on-court action.

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Longbody - New for 2015/2016

Ektelon Longbody Technology

New for 2015, up until now the maximum length of a racquetball racquet has been 22in. With the introduction of Ektelon's Longbody Technology the racquets has been increased in length by .5" or 1" depending on the frame. Longbody Technology significantly improves a player's ability to reach shots that were once unreachable and delivers more power than ever before.

TeXtreme - New for 2014/2015

New for 2014, Ektelons top of the line 4000 Series Racquets are now reinforced by TeXtreme, an advanced carbon fiber spread tow fabric. Designed to be thinner, lighter and more durable than traditional woven fibers, TeXtreme provides a unique and highly beneficial set of mechanical advantages.

Textreme has been added to four key areas of every frame providing superior torsional stability for increased power and accuracy along with extra durability for the serious racquetball player. By allowing the frames to bend WITHOUT twisting, Ektelon is able to deliver the perfect combination of power and control without increasing the overall weight.

Ektelon TeXtreme Technology

Extreme String Pattern (ESP) - New for 2013/2014

Extreme String Pattern (ESP) - Unique string bed designs push the envelope on string pattern technology. Less main strings create greater power and more main strings improve the string bed durability and allows for a thinner gauge sting to be used. The ESP Toron has the the fewest main strings of any Racquetball Racquet at 12, for explosive power.

Ektelon ESP Technology

Energy Bridge Inserts - New for 2010/2011

The New EXO3 Attack and Ignite Racquets come with extra energy bridge inserts. These extra bridges allow you to customize the weight and balance of your frame, putting you in total control of making the right racquet selection for your game

NOTE: These inserts must be strung into the racquet

EXO3 Inserts

EXO3 - New for 2009/2010

EXO3 Technology

EXO3 features The Energy Channel, a radical new frame design which creates elongated open channels located at the 12, 3 and 9 o'clock positions of the frame which moves the mass to the outer most edges of the frame for exceptional stability. Complementing the Energy ChannelTM of EXO3 is a visible, engineering breakthrough called the Energy BridgeTM. Soft thermoplastic pieces are inserted into the Energy Channel to create an exo-skeletal bridge structure along the outside surface of the frame. The result is a string bed that is almost entirely suspended from the frame itself.

Energy BridgeTM - An exo skeletal structure made from thermoplastic that creates racquetball's first suspended string bed. The suspended string bed increases the virtual headsize of the racquet and reduces frame vibration by up to 63% and enlarges the sweetspot by up to 51%.

Energy ChannelTM - A sculpted groove within the frame that enhances the dynamic benefits of the Energy BridgeTM to provide added stability, boost ball control and increase spin.

EXo3 Side View

"To have the majority of the strings never come into contact with the frame is an amazing feat that offers unprecedented benefits," said Roberto Gazzarra, VP of Research and Development at Prince Sports, Inc. Through our laboratory testing, we actually found that compared to current competitive frames, EXO3 delivers up to 63% less shock and up to a 51% larger sweetspot without ever having to increase the physical head size of the frame. The result is a virtual head size increase from 106 to 117 square inches creating our highest power level ever of 4000 in a frame that feels even more stable, more comfortable and more maneuverable.

"We have spent more time than usual playtesting the new EXO3 frames and the feedback has been incredible," states Ektelon Product and Promotions Manager, Bryan Crosser. "This technology is so radically different than anything we have ever developed that the entire playtest team and our key players got involved and played a huge role in the final product. Through the process, we determined that thinner gauge strings and higher string tensions enhance the overall performance of the frame. This is why we are introducing EXO3 with a 17 gauge version of Ektelon Premier Power versus the 16 gauge equivalent from last year. Our players are also excited about the addition of the new grip size, SSR = Super Small Round which will feel like a smaller size handle than our SS grip allowing them to generate more snap in their stroke."

"Having the ability to take advantage of a super-oversize racquet without compromising, and actually enhancing, control, feel and maneuverability is incredible," said IRT Pro Champion, Rocky Carson. "My new EXO3 racquet feels incredibly stable in my hand and allows me to blast the ball with higher velocity than ever before. I cannot wait to hit the tour next season with this new weapon."


The rectangular port design creates a stronger and longer string hole, improving frame aerodynamics while allowing the string even more freedom to move.

Power Plugs...

Power Plugs located at the top of the frame accelerate the racquet head speed for greater power/ Adjust the number of plugs you want to use for extra power or maneuverability. 7 different possible swing weight configurations

Power Ring Inserts...

Interchangeable Power Ring inserts are located at the throat area of the frame. Using the DPR 2 ring insert gives you the longest main strings possible for ultimate power. The Power Ring 8 inserts provide extra control and extended string life.


O-ports reduce aerodynamic drag, creating a fast and maneuverable frame with a lightweight feel for accelerated swing speeds enabling players to reach more shots and rip more winners than ever before.

Sweet Zones...

Ektelon replaced traditional pin-sized string holes with revolutionary giant O-ports, providing total string freedom for a livelier response across the entire string bed. This increases the sweet spot, creating a Sweet Zone, which means ultimate power on every shot!

Power Ring 8...

The evolution of Power Ring continues with Power Ring 8. By developing a throat area with 8 Power Rings, each main string wraps around it's own independent Power Ring. This allows maximum string resiliency, ultimate shot control and re-stringing is a breeze!

Power Line...

Lighter Frame. Quicker Game. A reinforced beam with grooves on the inside surface of the racquet frame increases frame strength, while providing more power in a lighter weight racquet.

DPR (Double Power Ring)...

Ektelon's new technology for the 2004-2005 season. They took the popularity of their Power Ring and made it double! This creates longer main strings for ultimate power. The main strings wrap around two Power Rings in the throat, increasing main string length creating Ektelon's most powerful racquet ever with a power level of 2500. Grommet-less throat increases frame durability and stiffness.


PowerLock, a patented molding technique featured in all the new MORE performance racquets, adds more power and strength by eliminating the need to drill holes into the frame. PowerLock delivers extra stiffness and 100% frame fiber integrity for more stability and power. Will the no grommet system work? Ektelon says they've done much testing on it so we'll have to wait and see but the racquets hit great.

Air +comfort...

The new grip system for the MORE performance racquets, the clear grip of the Air + Comfort handle reveals four air-filled quandrants that move independently for MORE shock absorption and grip ventilation. The red cross dampener at the bottom quiets frame vibrations for extra comfort.

Direct Contact...

Ektelon's exclusive PowerLock construction creates Direct Contact string channels with no drilled holes or grommets. Ektelon's new system creates a very lively string bed for enhanced power.


Tungsten is a strong dense metal which provides precision weight distribution, allowing further weight reduction in non critical areas, to deliver superior sweet spot size, power, directional control, and reduced shock in a lighter weight racquet frame.


A unique shaped shaft which absorbs wall and floor impacts for more comfort and durability, yet provides full frame stiffness for maximum ball striking power.


A performance bumper made from a low friction polymer, which allows the racquet to glide quickly against the walls and floor, helping to return the tightest shots with authority.

F3 Stabilizer...

Optimal weight distribution system provides perfect balance for maximum stability and sweet spot.


Lightweight premium grade graphite/carbon composite increases stiffness to bring you more power.

Power Ring...

An inverted "ring" in the throat of the frame creates longer main strings of uniform length for enhanced power across the entire string bed. Grommet-less throat increases frame durability and stiffness.


Innovative racquet design features increased string length and a unique string pattern that's more open at the head for more power and an expanded sweet spot. The patented Double Barrel Grommet system reduces frame holes for maximum stiffness and strength.

Durated Grip...

Ektelon's wrap grip that contains non-slip grooves for the fingers and is extremely durable. They claim that it's ideal for Longbody racquets.

Triple Threat...

A unique balanced weighting system featuring the Triple Braid material - woven titanium, copper and carbon that's placed in three critical racquet locations: 10 o'clock, 2 o'clock and the bottom of the handle. This creates a larger sweet spot in every direction, ultimate stability for increased power and control, and reduced arm shock.

Titanium Shaft...

The blending of titanium with graphite creates a shaft that is not only light, but exceptionally strong. The result - an incredibly powerful frame that's all muscle, no fat..

Morph Beam...

An aerodynamic widebody head "morphs" at the throat into a classic, box-shaped shaft generating more power with less torque.


The longer racquet revolution now adds a new dimension to racquetball! One-half to one-inch longer than standard length racquets, perfectly balanced LongBody racquets make the game easier to play. A LongBody racquet adds up to 10% more power and as much as 13% more reach to your game.

Sweet Spot Suspension System (SSSS)...

Unique system of string supports eliminates string bed vibration while expanding cross string length for an extra large sweet spot.

Wallbeater Bumper System...

Less shock. Patent-pending bumper system reduces shock from impact 70% as well as frame breakage vs. normal plastic bumpers.

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A Little Diddi...

E-Force has an eventful history which I'm not really going into.  The company originated out of Hawaii. All pretty uneventful until it was sold to Ron Grimes and Company in roughly 1992-3. Ron was responsible for the development of Ektelon Racquetball 20 years before. He brought with him a life time of experience and many of the racquet engineers responsible for Ektelon's success. E-Force has a great research and development unit responsible for many of the new technologies outlined below. I was given the grand tour last time I was in town so I know these guys test thoroughly. E-Force is located at 2080 Las Palmas Ste 102 in Carlsbad, CA 92011. Their direct phone number is 1-800-4-E-FORCE. Any warranty issues can be addressed by them directly.

Sector 5 Technology NEW for 2019 - 2020

5 Individual Sectors... Fused as One. Hard Hitting! Game controlling Power. Creating five distinct frame zones, Sector 5 Technology fuses together over 40 individual and precisely placed graphite laminates. Each of the 5 "sectors" is fined tuned to provide massive power. And when all 5 sectors are combined unparalleled performance.

An extremely rigid racquet head is formed by near unidirectional graphite fibers. At both the corners and lower frame, stiff, light and torsion resistant GC Power Fibers are positioned on either side of a center zone of numerous multi directional carbon plies. Tremendous power and racquet snap are generated by an extremely flexible throat.

A total kill zone, integrating the 5 Sectors into one continuous frame provides insane power allowing you to dominate the court.

Sector 1: Zero/Ten Degree Composite: More power at the head of the racquet. Unidirectional and near unidirectional graphite fibers create extreme stiffness. This increass the hitting zone at the Sector 5's tip

Sector 2: GC power Fibers: Very light and incredibly stiff GC Power Fibers, laminated at multiple angles, reduce frame twist, head weight and direct more energy to the ball.

Sector 3: 10/30 Degree Composite: The large, deadly powerful and stable hitting platform is constructed of multiple angle graphite fibers strategically positioned between GC Power Fibers located at both the upper corner and throat of the racquet.

Sector 4: GC power Fibers: Very stiff and light, the GC Power Fibers reduce frame twist and create "Hinge" of flex point where the frame transitions from the main hitting area to an extremely flexable throat.

Sector 5: Composite Flex Blend: Very flexible throat increases "throat-flex" for a tremendous power addition over the entire racquet hitting surface.

GC Power Fibers for 2018 - 2019

Blinding velocity, a sharp crisp feel on contact! Hear the blast off the front wall . . . and see defeat on your competitor's face. New advanced, extremely stiff, yet incredibly light GC Power Fibers. GC Power Fibers are strategically positioned in the racquet frame among the TakeOver's over 50 carbon-graphite laminates. Stiffness is increased in critical areas of the frame creating greater power across the entire string bed.

Power Boosters G2 for 2014 - 2015

G2 Power Boosters - Patent Pending. The Second Generation of Hi-Octane Power Boosters® - enhanced and extended to further stabilize the stringbed and increase power for on and off center hits. In addition, ball control and accuracy is increased. The boosters create a solid hitting surface increasing the confidence of the player by turning the entire racquet into a hitting, power, kill zone.

Improved Hi-Octane-Boosters for 2012 - 2013

Under the Paint - There's a Difference

Under the paint and finish of E-Force performance racquets are approximately 50 individual graphite pieces and parts that are molded into a single structure using high temperatures and pressures. These graphite parts vary in many ways including: size,shape, stiffness, weight, graphite fiber orientation, fiber direction and graphite quality. E-Force designs each graphite part, employing these elements, to achieve the desired frame characteristics at each point on the frame. The E-Force engineering resultis a graphite structure in which every inch or segment of the frame is different and designed to provide optimum performance.

New for 2010 - 2011 Hi-Octane-Boosters

Every year E-Force produces the most powerful racquets on the market and this year will be no exception. They've stuck with the same head shapes/weights of their previous year's Command Flex's but added their new technology called Hi-Octane Boosters to the E-Force Heatseeker Series of Racquets.

What are these Hi-Octane-Boosters going to do for your game?

  • They create a more solid stringbed!
  • They increase your overall power!
  • They give you more power on off center hits!
  • They increase shot accuracy and ball control!

Powerhouse Shaft Technology - History

POWERHOUSE BREAKTHROUGH - In the past, all racquets had standard shaft lengths with whip and power. The introduction of 22" LongString Technology - available only from E-Force - changed racquetball withincreased power through the use of longer mainstrings in free space. Competitors responded by eliminating the racquet shaft and shortening the handle to allow slightly longer mainstrings, though far shorter than E-Force's. Now another breakthrough - E-Force combines the power of shafts with the power of 22" LongStrings in free space, for maximum power. Only E-Force has it.

BY-PASS Stringing System - Power and livelier ball response. Mainstrings skip every two holes. The ball does not directly strike two adjacent mainstrings at once.

Zero Richter Tubes - String

Launch Pad Technology - Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat. Increases stringbed deflection.

Recoil Power Edge - Larger stiffer cylinders in hitting area reduces twist/distortion. More stringbed deflection and power.

Patented Extreme Longstring Technology - All mains and crosses are the longest possible - extend to outside edges of the frame and handle.

Fiber Alignment (FAT) Zones - More strength and power in racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of frame.

Total Carbon Head -Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structural materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.

Tri - Carbon Frame - Increased stiffness / more power. Optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites

Patented Dual Cyclinder Construction - Ultra-thin, two-tube with bridge construction - longer strings, more power. Reduced frame twist and distortion.

Power Flex Shaft Technology - Details

The Command Power Flex is a totally new engineering design - combining a stiff frame with a new flexible Power Shaft, and a complete arsenal of E-Force advanced technologies created just for racquetballOnly available in E-Force Command Power Flex racquets. Engineered to increase ball compresion on the hitting surface. The strings grip the ball more delivering a point scoring difference. Increased front wall pop and better feel. Off center hits are solid, vibration is reduced so you are more confident to take the shot.

Powerhouse Shaft...

The Powerhouse Shaft increases the handle length by at least 2 inches. This decreases the drag on the racquet head which results in a much greater racquet head speed. The increased handle also decreases the overall sq inches of the head which results in greater control. Only E-Force (with their Longstring technology - hollow handle) could make this advancement truly work. This is the technology leap in racquet design for 2009.

Recoil Power Edge...

Larger stiffer cylinders in hitting area. Increases stiffness for blasting power and stabilizes frame for a more solid feel. Allows for longest possible cross-string that increase string bed deflection and power.!

Dual Cylinder Power Zones...

Two cylinder frame design in corners lead to the longest string possible and increase in power. They stabilize the head of the frame for a more solid feel and they help prevent twisting which leads to enhanced power and control.

Hi Compression Wing Technology...

Compresses the frame with a never-before-seen and patented ultra-thin aerodynamic "Wing" shape with super-thick frame walls. The result is blinding speed on offense plus armor-like durability and quick flick maneuverability to play tight corners and unleash murderous power on balls glued to the walls.

Dual Cylinder Technology...

E-Force's Tyranny and Radium are made in a radical new way from two hand-laid carbon graphite tubes (instead of one) joined at the outside by a graphite bridge, creating a deep channel on the inner frame. What does this give you? The most power E-Force racquet ever created.

Stabilizer Bridge...

Combining the two strong tubes with the stabilizer bridge creates an amazingly stable/hitting surface

Quadraform Shape...

E-Force's Tyranny and Judgement come in a traditional racquet shape. The quadraform design brings a little more control to the E-Force longstring design without sacrificing power. Those who have loved the Bedlam's of the past but needed a little more control. This might be the perfect racquet for you.

Launchpad Technology...

E-Force eliminated the bottom four cross strings on what they call the Launchpad series. Power comes from increased string deflection. The Launchpad technology increases string deflection by 38.5% over the previous E-Force racquet line creating the most powerful racquets in the game.

Wishbone Frame...

Launchpad string deflection and power are increased by a 3-part fin system, located in the throat of the racquet, that stiffens the frame and allows the elimination of deflection constraining cross-strings.

Zero Richter Tubes...

You're probably saying, what has E-Force come up with now. These tubes come on their Judgement racquets from 2001-2002 and on all their new Launchpad Judgements and Bedlams for 2002-2003. It's their own built in vibration dampening system. These flexible tubes in the handle individually dampen 48" of the mainstrings.

String Pattern...

E-Force's 2002 line of racquets have numbers labeled for each location of where the string goes through to help make is easier for stringers to follow the pattern

By-Pass Stringing System...

On the 2002 line, the main-strings skip two holes so therefore the ball never strikes two directly connected mains. It creates a livelier ball response and longer string life.

Full-Motion String Technology with New Extra-Large String Holes..

Extra-large 2.53 square centimeter holes (6 times larger than standard holes or slots) allow both main and cross-strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame. The strings do not touch the frame's inside edge. The move unrestricted in free space, making both main and cross-strings effectively longer. Stringbed deflection and power are increased, and the string bed is livelier

22' Longstring Technology...

...the most important technology advance in the history of racquetball. Patented 22.0" LongString Technology extends mainstrings through the entire length of the handle, creating center mains at least 6" longer than in competitor racquets. The ten center mains add at least 55 extra inches of combined length - an increase of at least 38% for power that will blow your opponents away

It's the same principle at the bow and arrow. For an equal amount of effort, longer mainstrings and racquet face cause the strings to stretch further, allowing the frame to store more energy. The result is a string/frame system which provides a more powerful shot when energy is released.

Full Motion Cross String Technology...

This technology extends the effective length of the cross strings and allows them to move unrestricted 360 degrees in free space. This overcomes the string-binding effect of the standard-size string holes or slots, and creates a livelier string bed with maximum power at ball impact..

Total Carbon Head...

The Total Carbon Head provides 20% more carbon in the head for additional stiffness, durability and increased power. Streamlining the bumper and eliminating paint allow non structural materials to be replaced with Tri-carbon.  The result is improved performance without adding weight.

F.A.T. Zones and New Super F.A.T. Zones...

Fiber Alignment Technology (F.A.T.) Zones strengthen and stiffen the weak areas found in the sharply curved regions of all racquet heads. Patent-pending F.A.T. Zones realign the unseen bunched and wrinkled carbon fibers present in these high-stress areas, strengthening and stiffening the frame, and adding power..

Tri-Carbon Frame...

The Tri-Carbon Frame is an optimum blend of 3 Toray higher-stiffness, minimum-weight carbons. It increases stiffness in the racquet head and frame - without adding weight - resulting in greater LongString power and feel.

Titanium Construction...

Titanium Construction increases strength and durability without adding weight or reducing maneuverability. Faster swing speed and quicker reactions allow you to set up better and hit the ball harder..

Control Wrap...

The Control Wrap found on the Revolt racquets increase control and minimize vibration without the loss of LongString power. E-Force accomplishes this with an exclusive new one-piece fin/frame design that increases stability and prevents distortion from off-center hits. Ball response and power are enhanced.

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Take me straight to the Gearbox Racquets-->Gearbox Racquets

The Company...

Gearbox racquetball was conceived by the company's founder, designer, and pro-level racquetball player, Rafael Filippini. For over a decade, Rafael has been involved in the racquetball industry designing innovative racquetball products. He created Gearbox to fulfill his vision of a racquetball only, design-driven brand. Gearbox racquetball is free from the passing trends of th eracquetball industry. Every product has been thought through with serious and recreational racquetball players in mind. The concept is simple - to empower the racquetball community at large.

Rafael created Gearbox racquetball to be a more organic brand that didn't have to follow industry rules. Rafael Filippini shared his vision of the new brand - a brand that would empower the individual racquetball player with his cousin Rafael Aguilo.

Rafael Aguilo, an established entrepreneur, found himself doing something he would have never previously imagined, dropping his other endevors to pursue Rafael Filippini's vision. He recounts the decision as "one of the most exciting of my life". Together they decided to build a company that was set up to design and manufacture the best quality products in the racquetball industry

Gearbox racquetball takes its roots in being a company for the player designed by a racquetball player. Seeing racquetball not only as a great sport but also as a great lifestyle, Gearbox wants to create a proud and enduring idenity for the sport. Gearbox is commited to designing products for the racquetball player lifestyle, products that promote racquetball on and off the court.

GearBox's address is 1624 E 18th Street in National City, CA 91950 for information and warranty returns. Their phone # is 1-877-4-GEARBOX (1-877-443-2720).

M40 Modulus Graphite - New for 2018

M40 Technology Results in Enhanced Frame Response

Your new M40 racquet will give you a more crisp and lively feel, with even MORE Power from the M40 Modulus Graphite & New Extended C3 Power Grooves

C3 Power Grooves Technology - New for 2015

New C3 POWER GROOVE is a single groove that extends the entire length of the racquet down to the throat area. The C3 Power Groove creates three concave shapes in the structure of the racquet.

  • Radial Concave: Creates a larger hitting surface area, increases the overall size of the "sweet spot" and provides impact resistance at the head giving the racquet more Strength
  • Double Radial Concave: Expands the main strings and cross strings to their maximum possible distance resulting in superior Power and Control
  • Progressive Concave: Increases overall main strings length providing more Power and Control

These three concave shapes in combination work synergistically to maximize Power, Control and racquet Strength. The C3 Power Groove also increases string deflection to its maximum distance resulting in exceptional Power.

M.R.S. Technology - Material Response System - New for 2014

Gearbox is at the forefront of Graphite Design and Engineering. Exceptional racquet technology not only requires the use of high modulus and medium graphite materials, it also demands that these materials be used in the proper combination and at the optimal angles to achieve extraordinary racquet construction.

All MAX2 Racquets have the technologies used in the MAX1 racquets but the MAX2 racquets feature Gearbox's New M.R.S. Technology. By methodically adjusting the ratio of High Modulus Graphite and Higher Impact Resistant Graphite, Gearbox maximizes the frames response giving the MAX2 More Power, Improved Balance and Durability.

In addition, the MAX2 features a re-engineered lay-up design optimizing the fiber angles in key areas of the racquet's structure. This improves bending and torsional stiffness of the frame which in turn, maximizes the impact response.

Solid Head Power Technology - Extended - New for 2013

New! 45% of frame head is now Solid Graphite. Solid Technology is achieved by compressing graphite, creating a concave shape to the upper portions of the racquet head effectively doubling the wall thickness without having to add material. This concave shape and doubled wall thickness significantly increases power, rigidity and strength, all the while keeping your racquet light and maneuverable. The MX1 Solid Head Technology now extends to cover 45% of the frame. The compressed material starts at the top of the racquet and extends further down the sides creating a super strong concave shape for exceptional power. MX1's compressed concave frame provides a slim aerodynamic profile at the top of the racquet where velocity is greatest resulting in less wind resistance allowing faster swing speeds and ultimately more power. MX1's concave design enlarges the hitting surface area without increasing racquet size giving maximum control for center and off center shots. The MX1 is the most Powerful and Durable racquet available.

Power Bevels - Extended - New for 2013

New! Now Every string hole features a bevel. All string holes now feature a cone-like bevel, molded into the inside graphite wall adding strength and rigidity to the frame. Power Bevels increase string bed deflection to the maximum possible distance resulting in more energy returned to the ball for superior power and control. Power Bevels improve shot accuracy by reducing torsion.

Maximized Sweet Spot - New for 2013 - Now 20% Larger

MX1 features the largest Sweet Sport ever designed by Gearbox. MX1's larger 107 sq. in. String Bed maximizes string deflection and increases the Sweet Spot by 20% for more Power. MX1's Concave Shape and Power Bevels create the largest string bed possible for its dimensions to improve shot accuracy and maintain racquet control.

New for 2013 - Gearbox Black Monofilament String

MX1 will feature newly released Black Monofilament string from Gearbox. 18g Black Mono string is standard in each new MX1 racquet.

Displacement Channels

Parallel ridges run the length of the Solid Graphite Head improving in-plane frame stiffness and reducing deformation. More energy is returned to the ball for superior power and accuracy. Impact energy is channeled downward and away to protect weakened areas caused by drilled string holes in the frame structure. Displacement Channels strengthen racquet structure and improve durability.

Power String Bed

Unique Power String Bed is designed to accommodate the use of thinner gauge string which is ideal for improved Power, Control and overall performance. Wide string space around the frames edge lessens friction and allows more stretch for increased Power. Dense String Pattern design provides additional string support at Sweet Sport to improve ball contact for exceptional control.

Vibration Control System

Exclusive adjustable rubber damper system for customized feel. Contract to eliminate vibration or stretch to increase string vibration feel.

Past Gearbox Racquet Technologies

String Dimples - New for 2011

These dimples increase frame strength and cut down on sharp string angles.

Hand Crafted using only the best materials

100% Graphite construction made from high modulus and Premium Grade Graphite

Patent Pending Solid Head Design

Single tube frame construction transitions into a solid head providing extreme power.

True Power Comes from the Perfect Frame Design

Gearbox's racquet frame is a finely tuned spring that reduces energy loss and returns most energy back to the ball

Fiber Orientation

The right combination of fibre angles for ultimate power, control, strength and durability

Frame Torsion

A combination of fiber angles providing stiffness at select points along the frame, which optimize power

Quadra / Tear Drop Hybrid Frame Design

The teardrop shape maximizes the power of your racquet while the Quadra Form provides all the control you need

Effortless Swing Profile

Designed to provide the least amount of air resistance.

Unique Dampner System

Minimizes Vibration

Proportional Frame Design

A Racquet that feels right in your hand, Dimensions specifically calculated for extreme power, control and maneuverability

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Take me straight to the-->Pro Kennex Racquets

The Company...

Pro Kennex is a friendly group of people from California that concentrate on creating the total racquet. Other companies concentrate on just power or control. Pro Kennex racquets have one of the best balances between the two in the game.

Pro Kennex's address is Pure1 Marketing Inc, 17672 Shadel, Tustin, CA 92780 for information and warranty returns. Their phone number is 800-778-1755 and email is [email protected]

Power Groove - New for 2019 - 2020

Pro Kennex's added a groove on the inside of the frame for increased maneuverability an dcontrol on each shot.

Viperform - New for 2016 - 2017

The Momentum racquets feature an all new stealth shape design, The Viperform. By tapping into the aerospace industry, Pro Kennex has designed a modified parabolic arc to achieve a new range of strength, stiffness and stability. The Viperform design propels our athletes into a new level of play.

TR - Torque Reduction

Torque Reduction System that delivers smooth power.

Counter Balance - New for 2014

Pro Kennex increases tip velocity by 30% in its new break-through Kinetic Counter Balance System. Pro Kennex engineers combined two of their world renown patents in order to break through industry barriers in MAss Distribution and Racquet Speed. The combination of Force Flow Technology that delivers frame stiffness and unmatched power along with the renowned Kinetic System which provides the dynamic balancing and active dampening system to improve inertia score and maximize comfort and health.

Force Flow Technology...

Pro Kennex introduces the all new Force Flow Technology, designed to maximize the aggressive flowing swing forces from players hands into the frame generating enhanced power.This new technology also provides stability and anti torque characteristics in the throat area resulting in an ultra still frame that generates additional power.

Spiral Tech Carbon (STC)

A unique space age blend of treated Spiral Tech Carbon (Graphite) and High Modulus Graphite combined with Nano Epoxy. Results in exceptional dampening qualities and delivers the needed strength and power.

Kinetic Technology...

It's all about kinetic energy. As you swing the Kinetic racquet foward, tiny elements of kinetic mass, housed in dozen of of chambers around the racquet head, are storing energy. When the ball hits the strings, the strings flex and the ball compresses. The ball speed drops to zero. The ball and string are now loaded with energy. Finally the racquet frame flexes backward as your swing continues. Going with the flow, the ball assumes the racquets's forward speed. Forces are now in place to set off a scientifically calculated Kinetic reaction. The ball and strings now start releasing their stored energy causing the ball to go faster than the racquet. At this moment, the energy release from the ball and strings triggers the kinetic mass. It explodes forward in all chambers. This activated mass joins with the mass of the racquet to increase the area of efficiency of the hitting surface and magnify the possibilities of a good shot.

String Suspension Technology

Single tube frame construction transitions into a solid head providing extreme power.

Power Cave Technology...

Power Cave Technology consists of 2 technologies: Nano Autocure Technology and Hot Melt Technology

Nano Autocure Technology...

The only autoclave process in the world that is used in racket sports technology. The Nano autocure process removes air and impurities from between the graphite layers to create a totally seamless racquet for strength and flexibility.

Hot Melt Technology...

The most consistent graphite manufacturing process used in the racquet sports technology. With 40T super micro carbon fiber, the shaft is compressed under extremely high pressure to create the strongest shaft delivering maximum flexability. Perfect for high level players


The new Quad technology strengthens 4 different quadrant of the frame. This leads to a stiffer more responsive, more durable frame with enhanced control and power.

HC2 - Hot Core 2 Cyclinders...

C2 incorporates PK's Core 1 technology using a balsa wood center box surrounded by dual cylinders, making it ultra-stiff (the stiffest racquet in PK's line to date) without compromising feel and eliminating shock and vibration.


When you strike a ball with a Core1 racquet each of the independent graphite cylinders creates a separate, opposing shock wave. When the two opposing shock waves meet at the wood spine they counteract and cancel out each other, eliminating the harsh negative impact shock and vibration. The wood spine then transmits only the remaining clean, responsive, organic feel in your hand.

Power Thrust String Pattern...

The new Infinity 165 and 175 have Pro Kennex's new fan string pattern which creates a 30% increase in energy transfer..

Kinetic Blast Chamber...

Patented technology engineered to cut shock and vibration.

POLYGEO Frame Design...

Variable shape design yielding a 43% increase in frame strength while elevating the kick point for maximum power.

Parabolic Beam...

A element of design from Pro Kennex that stiffens up the frame and exploits the inherent characteristics of graphite construction. It cut down on breakage problems of the past..

Diamond Vibe Damp Grip...

Padded synthetic grip for extra comfort. The grooves are factory wrapped for a righty so if you're a lefty, make sure you let us know so we can switch the grip for you.

Kinetic System Technology...

Scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock and vibration, enlarge the sweet spot, and increase power.

As the racquet swings forward, the tiny elements load with energy...

When the racquet strikes the ball, the kinetic mass explodes forward, releasing kinetic energy, supercharging ball velocity.

Once released, the kinetic system dampens or sucks up post-hit vibration, at point of contact.

Ti Micro Mesh...

Titanium mesh reinforcements at critical flex and stress points that provide strength to the frame and reduce racquet fatique.

Long Frame Technology...

1" (22" total) longer to increase the hitting leverage of the racquet for faster head speed and increased power.


Increased power with expanded sweet spot.

Geltrac System...

Geltrac system with impact protection nodes and geltrac buffer pads protect the racquet from unexpected impacts to the top of the frame.


Pro Kennex racquets come with "horns" on the top of their grommets, as a result we highly recommend having us place a piece of grommet tape on your racquet when you order from us because these crack easily against the wall.

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Take me straight to the racquets-->Wilson Racquets

The Company...

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sports equipment and focuses on making technologically-advanced products which help the average player play better.

Wilson's address is Wilson Sports, 320 Aldi Blvd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122. Their phone # 1-800-272-6060. This is the address and phone # you'd use for warranty returns or any other information you might need.

Countervail - New for 2018

WilsonCountervaile Technology


Countervail is the all-new material technology integrated into Wilson frames that maximizes a player's energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time. By smartly directing the ball,s energy within the frame instead of the body, Countervail conserves a player,s energy on every swing – keeping them in control from the first set to the last.


To counter the extreme conditions of space travel, NASA uses Countervail to maximize energy during flight – just like Countervail does during every swing.


Special carbon fiber, integrated into the frame, transfers less of the ball's energy into the body, so players expend less energy during every swing while maintaining incredible feel.


Created by Material Sciences Corp and rigorously developed, vetted and tested by W Lab scientists and Wilson pro tour players.

Power Hinge Technology - New for 2014

Wilson Power Hinge Technology

Power Hinge Technology engineered to enlarge the sweetspot and provide maximum string bed movement for ultimate power.

  • Power Hinge Movement creates more power than a traditional racquetball racquet
  • Sweet spot expands 3 times the size of a traditional racquetball racquet
  • More than 10% increased string bed deformation compared to a traditional racquetball racquet
  • Increased power and better feel on off center hits
Wilson Power Hinge Technology


Wilson BLX

BLX is the new Wilson Racquet Technology engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies for THE PERFECT FEEL.

BL = Basalt + X = Proprietary Technologies combined for the perfect feel.


  • Basalt is a natural volcanic rock
  • Basalt can be used in manufacturing and made into fine and ultra fine gold fibers.
  • Basalt fibers are environmentally friendly and superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, sound insulation, vibration resistance and durability.

Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create the most advanced composite in the industry.

Basalt Fibers

Like noise-cancelling headphones are filtering out unwanted external noise, Basalt added to the matrix filters the unwanted extreme frequencies that reach the hand. The racquet's ability to transfer impact information is substantially improved.

BLX technology delivers a clean feedback and better sensation for the perfect FEEL !

Noise Canceling

BLX consists of 5 Frame Technologies.

5 Frame Technologies

CONTROL BASE - Innovative hoop engineering for maximum torsional stability and precise control.

LINEAR GEOMETRY - new frame geometry providing 32% more overall stability compare to a classic beam construction

POWER STRINGS - New Power Strings design maintains consistent string placement for lethal power on all shots.

AGT - new Articulated Grommet Technology is the Combination of Power Holes and Articulated Grommet Technology it produces a supremely comfortable yet deadly and explosive shot.

POWER HOLE- Special string hole for 56 degree string movement to increase sweet spot and power.

(K) Factor...

(K) Factor is really four different new technologies from Wilson.

1.) (K)arophite Black

A proprietary next generation structure created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in more feel and a stronger more stable feel and a stronger more stable racquet.

2.) (K)Zone

a combination of turbo tubes and power holes for increased stability and power

3.) (K)ontour Frame

Enhanced turbo tube design in the throat of the racquet for improved torsional stability. Maximum stability equals maximum power and (k)ontrol.

4.) (K)ontrolled Power

(K) Factor frame design combined with wilson's exclusive power string technology delivers (K)rushing power without sacrificing (K)ontrol.

All these result in increased feel , more strength and stability and (K)rushing power.

Turbo Tubes...

Wilson's Turbo Tubes increase torsional Stability.

Nano Carbon Technology...

This is a revolutionary molecular matrix of high modulous graphite fibers and Nano-sized Silicone Dioxide crystals. This exclusive matrix is strategically positioned at key torsional points along the frame for maximum strength and stability.

Wilson is utilizing their new nCode technology combined with a new string pattern to make the best Wilson racquet we've ever seen in 150 (NLite) and 170 (NPower) gram weights. When a racquet is "nCoded," nano-sized silicone oxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibers. This adjustment made at the molecular level, significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix. What does all this mean? Basically the n'Code technology helps the racquet play better/stronger longer. nCoded racquets measure 2 times stronger, 2 times more stable and up to 22% more powerful than racquets of the past.

Power Strings...

Wilson's string pattern which extends down through the frame over the grip. This pattern has created a very powerful and solid feel. Their ISO-ZORB material under the Power Strings dampens string vibration 25%.

Triad Technology...

1)Power: Maximum power is generated in the hoop of a TRIAD racquet. Wilson engineers combine their Hyper Carbon with their Hammer design, which reduces overall weight, but maintains mass in the racquet head.

2)Comfort: Iso-Zorb is an exclusive Wilson polymer, similar to the material used in skyscraper foundations to absorb the shock of an earthquake. It's utilized as a buffer between the TRIAD hoop and handle for dramatically increased levels of comfort, which can be customized to fit your game.

3)Control: Because shock is trapped in the hoop, the handle of a TRIAD racquet remains completely stable in your hand at ball impact. The feeling of control is extraordinary.

Hyper Carbon is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry in satellites and in state of the art aircraft. It's produced exclusively for Wilson by the #1 fiber supplier in the world. Hyper Carbon is the lightest, stiffest, and strongest material ever used in racquets.

Benefits of Hyper Carbon - Incredible Stiffness, Exceptional Lightness and Superior Stability

Power Hole Technology...

Wilson "Power Holes" Racquetball Rackets features elongated grommet holes on the inside of the racket head, allowing the strings to move more freely upon ball impact which helps players generate more power on off-center hits. In contrast to traditional grommet holes which are merely 1.7mm in diameter, Wilson Power Holes are 10mm long (by 3mm wide), which give the strings up to 8.7mm of potential movement. This enhanced movement or sustained string contact helps the ball stay on the strings longer, resulting in increased feel, better directional control and more power!. Wilson Power Holes also expand the actual string response area, enabling players to experience the power of an oversize racket with the control of a midsize.


All you Wilson fans are asking, "What the heck is this DLX mean?" It's actually just a fancy way of saying it's their deluxe series and the DLX is part of the all new Hyper series

Hammer System Technology...

Patented Hammer Technology creates an ultralite, head-heavy racquet that delivers quick, driving power and maneuverability.

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