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A Little Diddi...

E-Force has an eventful history which I'm not really going into.  The company originated out of Hawaii. All pretty uneventful until it was sold to Ron Grimes and Company in roughly 1992-3. Ron was responsible for the development of Ektelon Racquetball 20 years before. He brought with him a life time of experience and many of the racquet engineers responsible for Ektelon's success. E-Force has a great research and development unit responsible for many of the new technologies outlined below. I was given the grand tour last time I was in town so I know these guys test thoroughly. E-Force is located at 2080 Las Palmas Ste 102 in Carlsbad, CA 92011. Their direct phone number is 1-800-4-E-FORCE. Any warranty issues can be addressed by them directly.

Sector 5 Technology NEW for 2019 - 2020

5 Individual Sectors... Fused as One. Hard Hitting! Game controlling Power. Creating five distinct frame zones, Sector 5 Technology fuses together over 40 individual and precisely placed graphite laminates. Each of the 5 "sectors" is fined tuned to provide massive power. And when all 5 sectors are combined unparalleled performance.

An extremely rigid racquet head is formed by near unidirectional graphite fibers. At both the corners and lower frame, stiff, light and torsion resistant GC Power Fibers are positioned on either side of a center zone of numerous multi directional carbon plies. Tremendous power and racquet snap are generated by an extremely flexible throat.

A total kill zone, integrating the 5 Sectors into one continuous frame provides insane power allowing you to dominate the court.

Sector 1: Zero/Ten Degree Composite: More power at the head of the racquet. Unidirectional and near unidirectional graphite fibers create extreme stiffness. This increass the hitting zone at the Sector 5's tip

Sector 2: GC power Fibers: Very light and incredibly stiff GC Power Fibers, laminated at multiple angles, reduce frame twist, head weight and direct more energy to the ball.

Sector 3: 10/30 Degree Composite: The large, deadly powerful and stable hitting platform is constructed of multiple angle graphite fibers strategically positioned between GC Power Fibers located at both the upper corner and throat of the racquet.

Sector 4: GC power Fibers: Very stiff and light, the GC Power Fibers reduce frame twist and create "Hinge" of flex point where the frame transitions from the main hitting area to an extremely flexable throat.

Sector 5: Composite Flex Blend: Very flexible throat increases "throat-flex" for a tremendous power addition over the entire racquet hitting surface.

GC Power Fibers for 2018 - 2019

Blinding velocity, a sharp crisp feel on contact! Hear the blast off the front wall . . . and see defeat on your competitor's face. New advanced, extremely stiff, yet incredibly light GC Power Fibers. GC Power Fibers are strategically positioned in the racquet frame among the TakeOver's over 50 carbon-graphite laminates. Stiffness is increased in critical areas of the frame creating greater power across the entire string bed.

Power Boosters G2 for 2014 - 2015

G2 Power Boosters - Patent Pending. The Second Generation of Hi-Octane Power Boosters® - enhanced and extended to further stabilize the stringbed and increase power for on and off center hits. In addition, ball control and accuracy is increased. The boosters create a solid hitting surface increasing the confidence of the player by turning the entire racquet into a hitting, power, kill zone.

Improved Hi-Octane-Boosters for 2012 - 2013

Under the Paint - There's a Difference

Under the paint and finish of E-Force performance racquets are approximately 50 individual graphite pieces and parts that are molded into a single structure using high temperatures and pressures. These graphite parts vary in many ways including: size,shape, stiffness, weight, graphite fiber orientation, fiber direction and graphite quality. E-Force designs each graphite part, employing these elements, to achieve the desired frame characteristics at each point on the frame. The E-Force engineering resultis a graphite structure in which every inch or segment of the frame is different and designed to provide optimum performance.

New for 2010 - 2011 Hi-Octane-Boosters

Every year E-Force produces the most powerful racquets on the market and this year will be no exception. They’ve stuck with the same head shapes/weights of their previous year’s Command Flex’s but added their new technology called Hi-Octane Boosters to the E-Force Heatseeker Series of Racquets.

What are these Hi-Octane-Boosters going to do for your game?

  • They create a more solid stringbed!
  • They increase your overall power!
  • They give you more power on off center hits!
  • They increase shot accuracy and ball control!

Powerhouse Shaft Technology - History

POWERHOUSE BREAKTHROUGH - In the past, all racquets had standard shaft lengths with whip and power. The introduction of 22" LongString Technology - available only from E-Force - changed racquetball withincreased power through the use of longer mainstrings in free space. Competitors responded by eliminating the racquet shaft and shortening the handle to allow slightly longer mainstrings, though far shorter than E-Force's. Now another breakthrough – E-Force combines the power of shafts with the power of 22" LongStrings in free space, for maximum power. Only E-Force has it.

BY-PASS Stringing System - Power and livelier ball response. Mainstrings skip every two holes. The ball does not directly strike two adjacent mainstrings at once.

Zero Richter Tubes - String

Launch Pad Technology - Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat. Increases stringbed deflection.

Recoil Power Edge - Larger stiffer cylinders in hitting area reduces twist/distortion. More stringbed deflection and power.

Patented Extreme Longstring Technology - All mains and crosses are the longest possible – extend to outside edges of the frame and handle.

Fiber Alignment (FAT) Zones - More strength and power in racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of frame.

Total Carbon Head -Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structural materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.

Tri - Carbon Frame - Increased stiffness / more power. Optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites

Patented Dual Cyclinder Construction - Ultra-thin, two-tube with bridge construction - longer strings, more power. Reduced frame twist and distortion.

Power Flex Shaft Technology - Details

The Command Power Flex is a totally new engineering design - combining a stiff frame with a new flexible Power Shaft, and a complete arsenal of E-Force advanced technologies created just for racquetballOnly available in E-Force Command Power Flex racquets. Engineered to increase ball compresion on the hitting surface. The strings grip the ball more delivering a point scoring difference. Increased front wall pop and better feel. Off center hits are solid, vibration is reduced so you are more confident to take the shot.

Powerhouse Shaft...

The Powerhouse Shaft increases the handle length by at least 2 inches. This decreases the drag on the racquet head which results in a much greater racquet head speed. The increased handle also decreases the overall sq inches of the head which results in greater control. Only E-Force (with their Longstring technology - hollow handle) could make this advancement truly work. This is the technology leap in racquet design for 2009.

Recoil Power Edge...

Larger stiffer cylinders in hitting area. Increases stiffness for blasting power and stabilizes frame for a more solid feel. Allows for longest possible cross-string that increase string bed deflection and power.!

Dual Cylinder Power Zones...

Two cylinder frame design in corners lead to the longest string possible and increase in power. They stabilize the head of the frame for a more solid feel and they help prevent twisting which leads to enhanced power and control.

Hi Compression Wing Technology...

Compresses the frame with a never-before-seen and patented ultra-thin aerodynamic "Wing" shape with super-thick frame walls. The result is blinding speed on offense plus armor-like durability and quick flick maneuverability to play tight corners and unleash murderous power on balls glued to the walls.

Dual Cylinder Technology...

E-Force's Tyranny and Radium are made in a radical new way from two hand-laid carbon graphite tubes (instead of one) joined at the outside by a graphite bridge, creating a deep channel on the inner frame. What does this give you? The most power E-Force racquet ever created.

Stabilizer Bridge...

Combining the two strong tubes with the stabilizer bridge creates an amazingly stable/hitting surface

Quadraform Shape...

E-Force's Tyranny and Judgement come in a traditional racquet shape. The quadraform design brings a little more control to the E-Force longstring design without sacrificing power. Those who have loved the Bedlam's of the past but needed a little more control. This might be the perfect racquet for you.

Launchpad Technology...

E-Force eliminated the bottom four cross strings on what they call the Launchpad series. Power comes from increased string deflection. The Launchpad technology increases string deflection by 38.5% over the previous E-Force racquet line creating the most powerful racquets in the game.

Wishbone Frame...

Launchpad string deflection and power are increased by a 3-part fin system, located in the throat of the racquet, that stiffens the frame and allows the elimination of deflection constraining cross-strings.

Zero Richter Tubes...

You're probably saying, what has E-Force come up with now. These tubes come on their Judgement racquets from 2001-2002 and on all their new Launchpad Judgements and Bedlams for 2002-2003. It's their own built in vibration dampening system. These flexible tubes in the handle individually dampen 48" of the mainstrings.

String Pattern...

E-Force's 2002 line of racquets have numbers labeled for each location of where the string goes through to help make is easier for stringers to follow the pattern

By-Pass Stringing System...

On the 2002 line, the main-strings skip two holes so therefore the ball never strikes two directly connected mains. It creates a livelier ball response and longer string life.

Full-Motion String Technology with New Extra-Large String Holes..

Extra-large 2.53 square centimeter holes (6 times larger than standard holes or slots) allow both main and cross-strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame. The strings do not touch the frame's inside edge. The move unrestricted in free space, making both main and cross-strings effectively longer. Stringbed deflection and power are increased, and the string bed is livelier

22' Longstring Technology...

...the most important technology advance in the history of racquetball. Patented 22.0" LongString Technology extends mainstrings through the entire length of the handle, creating center mains at least 6" longer than in competitor racquets. The ten center mains add at least 55 extra inches of combined length - an increase of at least 38% for power that will blow your opponents away

It's the same principle at the bow and arrow. For an equal amount of effort, longer mainstrings and racquet face cause the strings to stretch further, allowing the frame to store more energy. The result is a string/frame system which provides a more powerful shot when energy is released.

Full Motion Cross String Technology...

This technology extends the effective length of the cross strings and allows them to move unrestricted 360 degrees in free space. This overcomes the string-binding effect of the standard-size string holes or slots, and creates a livelier string bed with maximum power at ball impact..

Total Carbon Head...

The Total Carbon Head provides 20% more carbon in the head for additional stiffness, durability and increased power. Streamlining the bumper and eliminating paint allow non structural materials to be replaced with Tri-carbon.  The result is improved performance without adding weight.

F.A.T. Zones and New Super F.A.T. Zones...

Fiber Alignment Technology (F.A.T.) Zones strengthen and stiffen the weak areas found in the sharply curved regions of all racquet heads. Patent-pending F.A.T. Zones realign the unseen bunched and wrinkled carbon fibers present in these high-stress areas, strengthening and stiffening the frame, and adding power..

Tri-Carbon Frame...

The Tri-Carbon Frame is an optimum blend of 3 Toray higher-stiffness, minimum-weight carbons. It increases stiffness in the racquet head and frame - without adding weight - resulting in greater LongString power and feel.

Titanium Construction...

Titanium Construction increases strength and durability without adding weight or reducing maneuverability. Faster swing speed and quicker reactions allow you to set up better and hit the ball harder..

Control Wrap...

The Control Wrap found on the Revolt racquets increase control and minimize vibration without the loss of LongString power. E-Force accomplishes this with an exclusive new one-piece fin/frame design that increases stability and prevents distortion from off-center hits. Ball response and power are enhanced.

Take me straight to the -->E-Force Racquets

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