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The Company...

Gearbox racquetball was conceived by the company's founder, designer, and pro-level racquetball player, Rafael Filippini. For over a decade, Rafael has been involved in the racquetball industry designing innovative racquetball products. He created Gearbox to fulfill his vision of a racquetball only, design-driven brand. Gearbox racquetball is free from the passing trends of th eracquetball industry. Every product has been thought through with serious and recreational racquetball players in mind. The concept is simple - to empower the racquetball community at large.

Rafael created Gearbox racquetball to be a more organic brand that didn't have to follow industry rules. Rafael Filippini shared his vision of the new brand - a brand that would empower the individual racquetball player with his cousin Rafael Aguilo.

Rafael Aguilo, an established entrepreneur, found himself doing something he would have never previously imagined, dropping his other endevors to pursue Rafael Filippini's vision. He recounts the decision as "one of the most exciting of my life". Together they decided to build a company that was set up to design and manufacture the best quality products in the racquetball industry

Gearbox racquetball takes its roots in being a company for the player designed by a racquetball player. Seeing racquetball not only as a great sport but also as a great lifestyle, Gearbox wants to create a proud and enduring idenity for the sport. Gearbox is commited to designing products for the racquetball player lifestyle, products that promote racquetball on and off the court.

GearBox's address is 1624 E 18th Street in National City, CA 91950 for information and warranty returns. Their phone # is 1-877-4-GEARBOX (1-877-443-2720).

M40 Modulus Graphite - New for 2018

M40 Technology Results in Enhanced Frame Response

Your new M40 racquet will give you a more crisp and lively feel, with even MORE Power from the M40 Modulus Graphite & New Extended C3 Power Grooves

C3 Power Grooves Technology - New for 2015

New C3 POWER GROOVE is a single groove that extends the entire length of the racquet down to the throat area. The C3 Power Groove creates three concave shapes in the structure of the racquet.

  • Radial Concave: Creates a larger hitting surface area, increases the overall size of the "sweet spot" and provides impact resistance at the head giving the racquet more Strength
  • Double Radial Concave: Expands the main strings and cross strings to their maximum possible distance resulting in superior Power and Control
  • Progressive Concave: Increases overall main strings length providing more Power and Control

These three concave shapes in combination work synergistically to maximize Power, Control and racquet Strength. The C3 Power Groove also increases string deflection to its maximum distance resulting in exceptional Power.

M.R.S. Technology - Material Response System - New for 2014

Gearbox is at the forefront of Graphite Design and Engineering. Exceptional racquet technology not only requires the use of high modulus and medium graphite materials, it also demands that these materials be used in the proper combination and at the optimal angles to achieve extraordinary racquet construction.

All MAX2 Racquets have the technologies used in the MAX1 racquets but the MAX2 racquets feature Gearbox's New M.R.S. Technology. By methodically adjusting the ratio of High Modulus Graphite and Higher Impact Resistant Graphite, Gearbox maximizes the frames response giving the MAX2 More Power, Improved Balance and Durability.

In addition, the MAX2 features a re-engineered lay-up design optimizing the fiber angles in key areas of the racquet's structure. This improves bending and torsional stiffness of the frame which in turn, maximizes the impact response.

Solid Head Power Technology - Extended - New for 2013

New! 45% of frame head is now Solid Graphite. Solid Technology is achieved by compressing graphite, creating a concave shape to the upper portions of the racquet head effectively doubling the wall thickness without having to add material. This concave shape and doubled wall thickness significantly increases power, rigidity and strength, all the while keeping your racquet light and maneuverable. The MX1 Solid Head Technology now extends to cover 45% of the frame. The compressed material starts at the top of the racquet and extends further down the sides creating a super strong concave shape for exceptional power. MX1's compressed concave frame provides a slim aerodynamic profile at the top of the racquet where velocity is greatest resulting in less wind resistance allowing faster swing speeds and ultimately more power. MX1's concave design enlarges the hitting surface area without increasing racquet size giving maximum control for center and off center shots. The MX1 is the most Powerful and Durable racquet available.

Power Bevels - Extended - New for 2013

New! Now Every string hole features a bevel. All string holes now feature a cone-like bevel, molded into the inside graphite wall adding strength and rigidity to the frame. Power Bevels increase string bed deflection to the maximum possible distance resulting in more energy returned to the ball for superior power and control. Power Bevels improve shot accuracy by reducing torsion.

Maximized Sweet Spot - New for 2013 - Now 20% Larger

MX1 features the largest Sweet Sport ever designed by Gearbox. MX1's larger 107 sq. in. String Bed maximizes string deflection and increases the Sweet Spot by 20% for more Power. MX1's Concave Shape and Power Bevels create the largest string bed possible for its dimensions to improve shot accuracy and maintain racquet control.

New for 2013 - Gearbox Black Monofilament String

MX1 will feature newly released Black Monofilament string from Gearbox. 18g Black Mono string is standard in each new MX1 racquet.

Displacement Channels

Parallel ridges run the length of the Solid Graphite Head improving in-plane frame stiffness and reducing deformation. More energy is returned to the ball for superior power and accuracy. Impact energy is channeled downward and away to protect weakened areas caused by drilled string holes in the frame structure. Displacement Channels strengthen racquet structure and improve durability.

Power String Bed

Unique Power String Bed is designed to accommodate the use of thinner gauge string which is ideal for improved Power, Control and overall performance. Wide string space around the frames edge lessens friction and allows more stretch for increased Power. Dense String Pattern design provides additional string support at Sweet Sport to improve ball contact for exceptional control.

Vibration Control System

Exclusive adjustable rubber damper system for customized feel. Contract to eliminate vibration or stretch to increase string vibration feel.

Past Gearbox Racquet Technologies

String Dimples - New for 2011

These dimples increase frame strength and cut down on sharp string angles.

Hand Crafted using only the best materials

100% Graphite construction made from high modulus and Premium Grade Graphite

Patent Pending Solid Head Design

Single tube frame construction transitions into a solid head providing extreme power.

True Power Comes from the Perfect Frame Design

Gearbox's racquet frame is a finely tuned spring that reduces energy loss and returns most energy back to the ball

Fiber Orientation

The right combination of fibre angles for ultimate power, control, strength and durability

Frame Torsion

A combination of fiber angles providing stiffness at select points along the frame, which optimize power

Quadra / Tear Drop Hybrid Frame Design

The teardrop shape maximizes the power of your racquet while the Quadra Form provides all the control you need

Effortless Swing Profile

Designed to provide the least amount of air resistance.

Unique Dampner System

Minimizes Vibration

Proportional Frame Design

A Racquet that feels right in your hand, Dimensions specifically calculated for extreme power, control and maneuverability

Take me straight to the Gearbox Racquets-->Gearbox Racquets

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