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The Company...

Wilson Sporting Goods Co. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of sports equipment and focuses on making technologically-advanced products which help the average player play better.

Wilson's address is Wilson Sports, 320 Aldi Blvd, Mt Juliet, TN 37122. Their phone # 1-800-272-6060. This is the address and phone # you'd use for warranty returns or any other information you might need.

Countervail - New for 2018

WilsonCountervaile Technology


Countervail is the all-new material technology integrated into Wilson frames that maximizes a player's energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time. By smartly directing the ball,s energy within the frame instead of the body, Countervail conserves a player,s energy on every swing – keeping them in control from the first set to the last.


To counter the extreme conditions of space travel, NASA uses Countervail to maximize energy during flight – just like Countervail does during every swing.


Special carbon fiber, integrated into the frame, transfers less of the ball's energy into the body, so players expend less energy during every swing while maintaining incredible feel.


Created by Material Sciences Corp and rigorously developed, vetted and tested by W Lab scientists and Wilson pro tour players.

Power Hinge Technology - New for 2014

Wilson Power Hinge Technology

Power Hinge Technology engineered to enlarge the sweetspot and provide maximum string bed movement for ultimate power.

  • Power Hinge Movement creates more power than a traditional racquetball racquet
  • Sweet spot expands 3 times the size of a traditional racquetball racquet
  • More than 10% increased string bed deformation compared to a traditional racquetball racquet
  • Increased power and better feel on off center hits
Wilson Power Hinge Technology


Wilson BLX

BLX is the new Wilson Racquet Technology engineered with basalt fibers combining proprietary frame, grommet and grip technologies for THE PERFECT FEEL.

BL = Basalt + X = Proprietary Technologies combined for the perfect feel.


  • Basalt is a natural volcanic rock
  • Basalt can be used in manufacturing and made into fine and ultra fine gold fibers.
  • Basalt fibers are environmentally friendly and superior to other fibers in terms of thermal stability, sound insulation, vibration resistance and durability.

Basalt fibers are woven longitudinally with [K]arophite Black to create the most advanced composite in the industry.

Basalt Fibers

Like noise-cancelling headphones are filtering out unwanted external noise, Basalt added to the matrix filters the unwanted extreme frequencies that reach the hand. The racquet's ability to transfer impact information is substantially improved.

BLX technology delivers a clean feedback and better sensation for the perfect FEEL !

Noise Canceling

BLX consists of 5 Frame Technologies.

5 Frame Technologies

CONTROL BASE - Innovative hoop engineering for maximum torsional stability and precise control.

LINEAR GEOMETRY - new frame geometry providing 32% more overall stability compare to a classic beam construction

POWER STRINGS - New Power Strings design maintains consistent string placement for lethal power on all shots.

AGT - new Articulated Grommet Technology is the Combination of Power Holes and Articulated Grommet Technology it produces a supremely comfortable yet deadly and explosive shot.

POWER HOLE- Special string hole for 56 degree string movement to increase sweet spot and power.

(K) Factor...

(K) Factor is really four different new technologies from Wilson.

1.) (K)arophite Black

A proprietary next generation structure created through a unique process at the nanoscopic level resulting in more feel and a stronger more stable feel and a stronger more stable racquet.

2.) (K)Zone

a combination of turbo tubes and power holes for increased stability and power

3.) (K)ontour Frame

Enhanced turbo tube design in the throat of the racquet for improved torsional stability. Maximum stability equals maximum power and (k)ontrol.

4.) (K)ontrolled Power

(K) Factor frame design combined with wilson's exclusive power string technology delivers (K)rushing power without sacrificing (K)ontrol.

All these result in increased feel , more strength and stability and (K)rushing power.

Turbo Tubes...

Wilson's Turbo Tubes increase torsional Stability.

Nano Carbon Technology...

This is a revolutionary molecular matrix of high modulous graphite fibers and Nano-sized Silicone Dioxide crystals. This exclusive matrix is strategically positioned at key torsional points along the frame for maximum strength and stability.

Wilson is utilizing their new nCode technology combined with a new string pattern to make the best Wilson racquet we've ever seen in 150 (NLite) and 170 (NPower) gram weights. When a racquet is "nCoded," nano-sized silicone oxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibers. This adjustment made at the molecular level, significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix. What does all this mean? Basically the n'Code technology helps the racquet play better/stronger longer. nCoded racquets measure 2 times stronger, 2 times more stable and up to 22% more powerful than racquets of the past.

Power Strings...

Wilson's string pattern which extends down through the frame over the grip. This pattern has created a very powerful and solid feel. Their ISO-ZORB material under the Power Strings dampens string vibration 25%.

Triad Technology...

1)Power: Maximum power is generated in the hoop of a TRIAD racquet. Wilson engineers combine their Hyper Carbon with their Hammer design, which reduces overall weight, but maintains mass in the racquet head.

2)Comfort: Iso-Zorb is an exclusive Wilson polymer, similar to the material used in skyscraper foundations to absorb the shock of an earthquake. It's utilized as a buffer between the TRIAD hoop and handle for dramatically increased levels of comfort, which can be customized to fit your game.

3)Control: Because shock is trapped in the hoop, the handle of a TRIAD racquet remains completely stable in your hand at ball impact. The feeling of control is extraordinary.

Hyper Carbon is a space age material used primarily by the aerospace industry in satellites and in state of the art aircraft. It's produced exclusively for Wilson by the #1 fiber supplier in the world. Hyper Carbon is the lightest, stiffest, and strongest material ever used in racquets.

Benefits of Hyper Carbon - Incredible Stiffness, Exceptional Lightness and Superior Stability

Power Hole Technology...

Wilson "Power Holes" Racquetball Rackets features elongated grommet holes on the inside of the racket head, allowing the strings to move more freely upon ball impact which helps players generate more power on off-center hits. In contrast to traditional grommet holes which are merely 1.7mm in diameter, Wilson Power Holes are 10mm long (by 3mm wide), which give the strings up to 8.7mm of potential movement. This enhanced movement or sustained string contact helps the ball stay on the strings longer, resulting in increased feel, better directional control and more power!. Wilson Power Holes also expand the actual string response area, enabling players to experience the power of an oversize racket with the control of a midsize.


All you Wilson fans are asking, "What the heck is this DLX mean?" It's actually just a fancy way of saying it's their deluxe series and the DLX is part of the all new Hyper series

Hammer System Technology...

Patented Hammer Technology creates an ultralite, head-heavy racquet that delivers quick, driving power and maneuverability.

Take me straight to the racquets-->Wilson Racquets

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