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Wilson Blade Lite w/Countervail Racquetball Racquet
    Wilson Blade Lite w/Countervail Racquetball Racquet
    Purchase Wilson Blade Lite w/Countervail Racquetball Racquet
    • SKU: 15059674
      Wilson Blade Lite w/Countervail Racquetball Racquet

    • Price: $199.99
      RacquetWorld Exclusive

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    • Grip Size:

    Weight: 155g (unstrung)

    Factory String: SGX 16 Red

    Strung Surface 108 sq in

    Factory Grip: Micro Hybrid

    Balance: Head Light

    Frame Shape: Teardrop

    2017 was Racquetworld's most exciting year with Wilson Racquetball we have ever had. We had our first exclusive high end racquet which was the Pro Staff and we sold out of it in less than 6 months and we thought the amount we ordered would last well over 1 year. We’re even more excited for the 2018-2019 season as we now have 3 exclusive racquets which are called the Pro Staff w/Countervail (170 grams), Pro Staff Lite w/Countervail (165 grams), and the Blade Lite w/Countervail (155 grams). Countervail technology has absolutely crushed it in Tennis and Squash and Pro Staff and Blade are the 2 series that have made Wilson what it is today so we are confident that Wilson will be a top contender this year for our best selling frames. Curious about Countervail Technology, Pro Staff and Blade? Let us lay it all out below.

    Countervail Explained

    Integrating Countervail (please see the video below about Countervail in Tennis Racquets) technology into these new racquetball frames maximize player energy, reduce muscle fatigue, and shortens player recovery time. These racquets will leave you feeling like you could play racquetball all night, wake up in the morning and want to do it all over again with an arm as fresh as the day before.

    Pro Staff vs. Blade w/Countervail:

    Pro Staff Series:

    If you are the player looking for the classic comfortable feel that produces precision placement while still maintaining ultimate power the Pro Staff will be your pick.

    Blade Series:

    If you are the player looking for the traditional frame shape racquet with an emphasis on more of a hybrid feel of power and control the Blade Lite will be your pick.

    These are available in the smaller SS or larger XS grip sizes.

    If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our DEMO Program.

    A racquet cover IS NOT provided by the manufacturer with this racquet. You have the option to add a cover for $8-$12 if you would like.

    RacquetWorld General Notes

    RacquetWorld recommends changing the grip to a Python (Our favorite), which will be $11.00 installed, for the added traction to prevent slippage.  The Racquetworld Grommet Tape upgrade ($1) can save you $$ in the long run as sometimes strings break from the grommet being worn down. For those who don't know what the grommet is, it's the plastic piece at the top of the racquet that the strings go through.When you hit the wall and floor this gets worn down.

    The Python Atlas string upgrade is recommended because factory string is less playable/durable than the Python Atlas string we suggest. At the time of purchase, the Python Atlas restring upgrade is $24.95.  It's normally $40 if you mailed the racquet to us later so you save $15 if you choose the upgrade right away. Another string we highly recommend is the Python Atlas Deluxe restring upgrade ($27.95), and it’s a little softer than the original Atlas for those players that prefer a softer string with incredible playability/durability.

    If you choose a vibration dampener go with the Python Vibration Dampner (Our favorite), Head Megasorb, Gamma Worm or the BBB (Big Bad Band).

    The wristlacer black is the default wrist tether that comes on your racquet at no charge.If you want to change colors, a small fee of $3.95 will be added for switching.

    A question we get everyday is "What is Grommet Tape?"It's a piece of tape that goes over the head (bumper) of your racquet. Sometimes you need a restring because of a broken bumper.For an extra buck to add this, it could save you $25-40!!

    We get follow up calls/emails everyday thanking us for the upgrades as they really help bring out the performance of the racquet. 

    Racquet Covers - Choose one for $8-$12 (RacquetWorld Cover is Only $8.00)

    A full racquet cover is NOT provided by the manufacturer with this racquet. You have the option of adding a full cover for $8-12 if you would like. If you want the best cover on the market buy the Racquetworld Cover. It is oversized, has a full outside pocket, a handle strap and a large shoulder strap as well as a ventilated pocket to let your grip breathe and best of all its $2-$4 less than the others because we want to help you by supporting our company! The charge will only be $8.00 when added to the cart for this choice instead of $10.00-$12.00 like the other covers.

    Racquet Covers


    Hung Jury
    I've always been a Wilson racquet fan. This one gets an initial mixed review. Brand new out of the box it hits like a waffle iron - very flat. Plays like my last Gearbox racquet - where the string density is so high it hits flat. The factory stringing on the Wilson is very tight, and the string is very heavy - looks to be 15 or 16 gauge. Ugh - no feel of the ball on the strings. The racquet is so very unforgiving with this setup. I think it will get better when I replace it with a thinner string, at a reasonable tension. My preference is 36 on the mains and 34 on the crosses, although with this racquet I'm going down a step down to 34 on both the mains and crosses. Stay tuned…
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    Blade Lite is worth a look
    Verified Buyer
    I have used Wilson for about 15 years. This is the best racquet that has been made since the N Lite, and it might be better than the N Lite (waiting to see how many rollouts it actually has before promoting it to number one). It is truly well balanced for me...good head speed and great power. I purchased the python rubber grip, which now comes in the perfect lime green to match the color scheme. Add some tequila and it will be like playing with a margarita. I definitely recommend.
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    Wilson Blade Lite / Countervail Racquetball Racquet
    Verified Buyer
    I have used Wilson racquets for around 30 years. They are by far my favorite. They are high quality and I prefer the balanced weighted models. I have continually selected racquets around the 160 weight range. This one is one of my favorites. It reminds me of the N Lite series from years back. This one seems to pack a better punch than the N Lite and Buzz Kill models I have used. This is my second one - The first did not survive my opponent's direct swing to the side - However, I did not expect it to. I would definitely buy another!
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    Light Weight & Manueverable
    Very powerful and light weight which is what I was looking for. I've always liked 150ish weight racquets and this was the only one I could find with high end technology. Thanks to Wilson and Racquetworld for continuing to carry models like this where other brands and retailers don't.
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    Exclusive RacquetWorld Racquet Ratings

    Ratings and comparisons for all racquets can be found in RacquetWolrd Exclusive Racquet Ratings

    Racquetworld's Durability Rating:  93.00 

    Racquetworld's Power Rating: Age 24-  98.55  Age 35  96.25  Age 45+  96.75 

    Racquetworld's Control Rating #1 (Front Court):  98.88 

    Control 1 (Front Court) represents how the racquet handles upfront in the court. We are basically looking at how certain components stacked together to produce good (or bad) racquet maneuverability. To figure this out we look at the weight, balance point, and shape of the frame. We throw all this info into Pat's brain along with a couple hours of hit testing and out pops the rating. This value is useful especially for doubles players who find themselves covering the upfront court a lot. It is also good to know if you are a good server and find yourself quickly putting away returns off your serve without leaving front middle court.

    Racquetworld's Control Rating #2 (Back Court):  93.00 

    Control 2 (Back Court) represents the traditional control rating when taking a full shot from mid to back court. Our goal with control is to redirect the Force of the ball. We again focus on weight, balance point, shape, string pattern and tension, frame stiffness and on court experience.

    Racquetworld's Overall Rating: Age 24-   99.07   Age 35  96.63   Age 45+  96.38 

    Technology - Manufacturers Features:

    RacquetWorld Wilson Racquetball Racquet Technology Section - Wilson Technology Section

    • Countervail
    • Power Strings®
    • AGT - Articulated Grommet Technology

    Countervail - New for 2018 - 2019


    Countervail is the all-new material technology integrated into Wilson frames that maximizes a player's energy, reduces muscle fatigue and shortens recovery time. By smartly directing the ball,s energy within the frame instead of the body, Countervail conserves a player,s energy on every swing – keeping them in control from the first set to the last.


    To counter the extreme conditions of space travel, NASA uses Countervail to maximize energy during flight – just like Countervail does during every swing.


    Special carbon fiber, integrated into the frame, transfers less of the ball's energy into the body, so players expend less energy during every swing while maintaining incredible feel.

    W LAB

    Created by Material Sciences Corp and rigorously developed, vetted and tested by W Lab scientists and Wilson pro tour players.

    Frame Technologies

    - POWER STRINGS - Power Strings design maintains consistent string placement for lethal power on all shots.

    - AGT - new Articulated Grommet Technology is the Combination of Power Holes™ and Articulated Grommet Technology it produces a supremely comfortable yet deadly and explosive shot.

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