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PYTHON Racquetballs Sample Pack (4 Balls)
    PYTHON Racquetballs Sample Pack (4 Balls)
    Purchase PYTHON Racquetballs Sample Pack (4 Balls)

    The Python Racquetball Sample Pack contains 1 of each color Python ball below.

    Python Balls:

    • Blue - Designed for Recreational Play
    • Black - The Long Rally Ball
    • Red - Designed for Lightning Fast Play
    • RG Multi - Ultimate Combination of Speed & Power

    Note: Although racquetball cans have a seal on the top racquetball are pressureless and dont go bad/flat in open air.

    WOW! What a variety of play!
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    Each ball type is for different play and playing style. Change a ball out in the middle of playing a game and it WILL tip the scales immensely! Be careful as to which ball you choose for the type of play you prefer! Do you like: Low and slow OR Low and [email protected]! Do you like: Bouncy and Fast OR Bouncy and Slow? They will do that! They all have about the same amount of bounce ( potential / kinetic ) exchange. However, they all have different GRIP, density, and surface friction that change how they play. It is a great deal to try out each of the balls to find out which one you and/or your partners play best/worst with before ordering a case.
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    Cool balls
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