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Ashaway Multikill 17g Black (SET)
    Ashaway Multikill 17g Black (SET)
    Purchase Ashaway Multikill 17g Black (SET)
    • Color : Black
    • Length: 40ft
    • Gauge: 17g (1.25mm)

    Ashaway has introduced another technical innovation to its line of racquetball strings: a polyurethane (PU) based, multifilament nylon string designed to add toughness and durability for players who like to really cut and spin the ball. Ashaway’s first string using this technology, new MultiKill 17, combines a high tenacity multifilament nylon sheath with a specially formulated polyurethane resin that bonds the string into a single matrix and adds durability while providing superior feel. The smooth PU surface of MultiKill 17g enhances grip, while the 17-gauge construction maximizes power.

    "Like Zyex, polyurethane resin is a relatively new kid on the block for racquetball strings," said Ashaway's Steve Crandall. "It can be formulated to offer many different properties, and when combined with other materials, like high tenacity nylon multifilament fibers, can provide strings with exceptional playing characteristics. MultiKill 17 is our first offering using this innovative material technology, and we are excited to be able to compete in this market segment."

    The key difference with this new technology, Crandall explained, is the matrix design. With other multifilament nylon strings, like Ashaway’s popular SuperKill XL line, the core and sleeve or wear layer elements remain separate, and retain some ability to move relative to one another. The PU resin in the new MultiKill string binds the mulfilament sheath and surface into a single, unitized matrix. This gives the string added strength, especially on off-center hits near the edge of the frame, while the natural adhesive properties of the polyurethane surface adds grip. At the same time the string retains its soft feel and comfortable playability.

    Ashaway’s MultiKill 17 strings are black in color and 1.25 mm thick. They come in 40 ft, individual packages of 360 foot reels. Recommended string tension is up to 40lbs.

    Multi ticket
    Verified Buyer
    Very good string that has plenty of power and durability. Great playability along with it being arm friendly.
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    Good string
    Similar to Ektelon Premier Power and Python Atlas deluxe, this is a resin multifilament string. Comes with plenty of power and great durability. Little heavier than other 17 gauge strings, but I'd say they're a little more durable.
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