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You want to learn how to keep score in racquetball? The basics of racquetball scoring are simple, however, as you play more you’ll find there are some unique situations that arise during game play.

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How to Score In Racquetball

The only time you can score a point in racquetball is when you are serving. The player serving has two possible outcomes:

  1. a point is scored
  2. the serve is lost

Beginners Tip: Since you can only score while you are serving, it is important not to lose a serve from an avoidable fault or out serve. Make sure you put the ball in play if you are on your second serve.

There are many scenarios to be aware of during a serve that can result in a loss of serve. If you are new to the game, be sure to check out racquetball serve rules.

How to Score a Racquetball Game

Tournament racquetball games are played to 15 points. You only need to win by one point, so that means the first person to reach 15 points wins that particular game.

In recreational games, you may decide to play to 21, or sometimes 7 in cutthroat, or some other score that all players agree upon. The variation from 15 points usually happens if you are short on time, or can only play one game instead of a complete match.

Some players may insist on winning by two points, but this is not how normal tournament racquetball is played.

Racquetball Match

A racquetball match is won by a player (or team) winning a majority of the games. Racquetball matches usually consist of a best of three games, including most tournament play. In some professional racquetball tournaments 5-game matches are played.

Tiebreakers in Racquetball

If a player or team each win a game, then a third tiebreaker game is played to determine the winner. Tiebreaker games are typically played to 11 points only winning by one point. The person who serves first in a tie breaker game is the person who scored the most points between the two games. Should that number be even, use the same method you used to determine who served first.

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