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Python Deluxe Indoor Mid BLACK Racquetball Shoes (PY-722BM)
    Python Deluxe Indoor Mid BLACK Racquetball Shoes (PY-722BM)
    Purchase Python Deluxe Indoor Mid BLACK Racquetball Shoes (PY-722BM)
    • SKU: 61506000
      Python Deluxe Indoor Mid BLACK Racquetball Shoes (PY-722BM)

    • Price: $59.95 Original Price: $79.95
      Bang for the Buck: $$$$
      w/ FREE Python Deluxe Glove

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    New Black Color for 2019 - 2020

    • We feel these shoes run about a ½ size small so if you are a 9.0 you should order a 9.5
    • From the makers of the #1 selling Python Grip - Now comes your next favorite shoe
    • Nothing Grips like a Python Grip and now Nothing Grips the Floor like a Python Racquetball Shoe
    • All of our testers have said these play like an $80+ shoe but we're offering this at an everyday low price of $59.95
    • Our #1 Selling High End Glove the Python Deluxe ($19.95 value) comes free with each pair
    • Amazingly light feel (Size 10.5 is 12.7 ounces) with incredible durability


    • The inner features a good quality soft mesh fabric that has a strong sweat absorbing property to keep your foot comfortable
    • Stable surface in-sock keeps your foot dry and strengthens movement stability
    • Thicker back heel for shock absorption and good stability when landing
    • High density rubber sole perfect for abrasion resistance, strong skid resistance and elasticity
    • Made from high peeling synthetic leather for great strength and stability while still having high durability
    Python RBall shoe
    Verified Buyer
    I like the Gum sole for traction but unlike my previous shoe, it provides the traction without the typical squeaky noise. As mentioned by many, I had to order 1/2 size larger and it just fits but the shoe is a bit narrow and I typically wear a Med width. Wish it had width sizes but I saw none. If one has wider feet than "narrow" I suggest ordering perhaps a full size larger than normal. So far, they play well and traction is excellent.
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    Good Shoe
    Verified Buyer
    I would not call this a mid as it not nearly as high as my Ektelon's but it is a good shoe. Gum sole gives good grip on the floor. Be sure to order 1/2 size larger as they run small. I have always worn a 9 1/2 but ordered a 10 and am very pleased. Well worth the money and I got a free glove.
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    Python shoes
    Verified Buyer
    Shoe provides the necessary width for wide foot. Quality of shoe is good (just slightly under the Extelon racquetball shoe) and the gum sole fabrication is sound. Good buy for the money.
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    Great value
    Verified Buyer
    My previous go-to rball shoe was discontinued, so I decided to give Python a try after reading other's reviews. It's the best value out there, especially with the added glove. As everyone else mentions, size up! I'm usually a 10.5 or 11. I called in and chatted with customer service before ordering. They convinced me to go 11.5 for the first time ever. It's the perfect fit. Shoe is a little stiff, but performs great. Traction was very noticeable improvement from what i had been wearing. I'm going to order another 2 while the price is right.
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    Great Fit and Traction
    Verified Buyer
    These Python Deluxe Indoor Mid Racquetball Shoes provided me with a great fit at very reasonable price. I play 3x a week. Comfortable shoe box and mid height provides great ankle support with sharp turns. Gum soles provide excellent traction provided the court floor is well maintained and you dedicate these shoes only for court play, not everyday wear. I use my own Superfeet insoles. Although I was initially skeptical, I bought the additional Court Grabber Kit and I found it provides excellent additional firm traction on dusty court floors whenever needed. The free bonus Python Deluxe Glove makes this deal a real value. Prompt delivery. Thanks RacquetWorld!
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    Pythone Deluxe Indoor shoe ....
    Verified Buyer
    Python deluxe indoor shoes The shoe delivered to me are too small/ undersized. The shoes are labeled 11, the box is labeled 11 , I’m guessing the manufacture mis-labeled I’ll be returning these for a 1 size up exchange . Jan. 12, 2019
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    I liked the shoes...
    Verified Buyer
    Buy at least a 1/2 size larger than your current shoe size, maybe a whole size larger. I got a defective shoe but Racquetball World made it right with no return hassle at all.
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    Good Shoes
    Verified Buyer
    I needed new shoes so I went back to there I purchased my previous shoes...RacquetWorld. Good price and the free gloves were a plus. The best thing they did, which may not seem like much to some was, they sent a letter with the shoes to put them on and walk around in them for a while before returning them because the may not fit. When I was putting on the shoes the first time I thought, hey these don't fit; when I got them on they were tight and I wasn't happy. Then I remembered what the letter said; I put them on and walked around in them some; then I played in them; and they did seem to loosen up. Thanks for the heads up RacquetWorld. The obvious is not always obvious to everyone, so it don't hurt to educate a little.
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    Amazing Deal
    $59.95 for these shoes and you get a free $19.95 Deluxe glove. Can't beat this deal. I forgot to mention they play great too!
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    One word. Fantastic!
    Verified Buyer
    One word. Fantastic!
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    Verified Buyer
    I love my new shoes. They are soft and comfortable inside with a great outer sole that prevents sliding. Highly recommend.
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    Description of the Court Grabbers

    The Kit includes One pair of traction pads (see colors available) and a bottle of 2 Ounce Gel

    Available Colors

    available colors

    About Court Grabbers

    5 years ago at this time we signed top ranked racquetball player Rocky Carson as a Racquetworld sponsored player and with that agreement we were given the rights to sell Court Grabbers exclusively in racquetball as Rocky is the key force promoting these in the industry. In less than 1 week we sold out our original supply and had to order more and then were solid sellers the whole time. Finally after a 6 month drought they are back in stock and upgraded with a cool new design that really pops. If you want your shoes sticking to the court like never before or have slippery courts and need a solution pick up some Court Grabbers today and never look back.

    Dust falls on every racquetball court in the World. It never stops accumulating. That's why athletes have been slipping & sliding on racquetball courts for many decades. Court Grabbers were designed with one "mission" in mind: Allow players to control their traction where and when they need it most - ON THE COURT, DURING PLAY.

    Testing has shown that Court Grabbers are effective, as instructed, on courts made of wood, rubber tile, and composite material, and some tile floors. Use on any other surface, such as tennis surfaces, both indoor and outdoors, should be tested before use in practices or games. Court Grabbers are not to be used on sealed, concrete courts/floors.

    Court Grabbers are designed to work with just a light, smooth pass of one shoe over the opposing Traction Pad. It is not necessary to push down hard on the Traction Pad. With practice you'll find that this can be accomplished very quickly. Some players like to just "touch" the pad to the sole of the shoe. You can choose to clean the entire shoe or just the "ball" of your shoe. The real beauty of Court Grabbers is that each user can find their own method of use that best fits their game!

    Rocky Carson gets Traction

    World #2 Racquetball Player uses Court Grabbers

    Installing Court Grabbers

    About the Gel

    Court Grabbers Traction Gel delivers the World's Best On Court Traction!

    Court Grabbers Traction Gel 4oz provides about 1 months of Game Winning Traction! Based upon three (3) lines of gel designed to provide 30 minutes of On-Court traction. Each ounce of Traction Gel provides unmatched grip for 10-15 sessions.

    The package comes with one 2oz bottle of gel in a squeeze bottle with a flip top, additional 4 oz bottles can be purchased.

    The Traction Gel has been formulated with a blend of all natural ingredients, including the tint which is achieved by the use of common food coloring. It does contain ethyl alcohol, the same ingredient found in most hand sanitizers, but at about one quarter (1/4) of the concentration. The traction gel is not meant to be ingested and a bittering agent is present to discourage ingestion, so it should be kept out of the reach of small children. The ingredients in the Traction Gel have no known effect on shoes, rubber, or court surfaces. Care should be taken not to spill the Traction Gel on your shoes or the court. Traction Gel will wash from clothes in a normal wash cycle. Water does not work on the court and is not a safe substitute for the Traction Gel.The ingredients in the gel have no adverse effect on the court, and do not "build up" on the shoe or the court. Any spilled Traction Gel cleans up easily with water and a towel.

    Additional Questions

    How long will Court Grabbers remain effective on the court?

    Court Grabbers are designed to provide consistent traction, on average, for about 15-30 minutes, although much longer periods of effectiveness have been observed, depending upon the frequency of use required for your activity and playing style. You should become familiar with your individual usage times.

    The best results come when you reapply Traction Gel during breaks in play such as quarter breaks, halves, timeouts and periods between games when you are not on the court. No more than 2 light lines of gel are needed to completely restore full function. *More Gel does not equal more grip! *Never apply more than 3 light lines of gel the length of the Traction Pad. All court sports have some sort of play stoppage or break that will allow you to "recharge" the Traction Pad with 1 or 2 thin lines of gel.

    How do I clean the Traction Pad?

    The Traction Pad removes the dust and dirt from your shoes, and it gets dirty, you just may not see the dust and dirt! After each use, separate the Traction Pad from the Base Strip by holding each one firmly and pulling the Traction Pad off the Base. Toss the Traction Pad in the washer and dryer with your clothes.(The Base Strip remains on your shoe and does not need washing) If you are at a tournament or do not have a laundry, hand soap and a toothbrush can be used to clean the Traction Pad. Rinse clean and use a blow dryer or air dry until a laundry is available. If dirt prevents the Traction Gel from absorbing correctly, do not use your Traction Pads until you can clean them thoroughly. Having a second or third set of Traction Pads "loaded" and ready to go for tournaments is a great way to ensure you have the traction you need for a long day of games!

    Do they work on all shoes?

    Court Grabbers will work on all shoes with exposed laces. Shoes with straps at the ankle level should be fine. You can adjust how Court Grabbers sit on your shoe by moving them up the laces. Court Grabbers will not work on shoes with mid-instep straps. Straps that are near the top of the shoe should work fine.

    Court Grabbers work best on shoes with normal, flat soles, found on most court shoes.

    What are the dimensions and how much do they weigh?

    • Court Grabbers are 2.25 inches in length.
    • At the widest point, they are 1.25 inches and taper to .25 inch at the narrow end.
    • The complete unit is very thin. They sit a mere 1/8th of an inch above your laces.
    • Court Grabbers are feather light. 2 Base Strips/Traction Pad units weigh a total of ½ an ounce.
    FREE GROUND SHIPPING over $99 to contiguous US - FREE to Canada over $349 - FREE International over $699