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Pat's Holiday Specials Note

HOLIDAY SPECIALSNobody likes the small print...

I hate small print on any type of usually means I'm getting the short end of the deal somehow. Here's some large print...we're going to treat our customers how we expect to be treated when we're customers!! Pretty simple. You can stop reading now...the rest just outlines details.

Another Holiday Season is about to explode here at I want all our customers to know that we starting planning for the holidays months earlier. It's that early planning that allows me to make a couple promises to our loyal, faithful customers during this hectic, stressful time of year.

We will be running many specials now through the end of the year. If we run a special on a specific item, that is the best offer that product will see this season...If on the rare instance a manufacturer throws us a curve ball and there is a lower offer, we will issue you an in-store credit on all specials that run through the end of the 2021.

If you see the product on our site, we actually have the product in stock and will ship it out immediately. In the rare instances we over sell a special, we will call you within 24 business hours and work out the situation to YOUR satisfaction.

Orders placed after 2 P.M. ET are shipped the following business day. Please note the FedEx Ground Shipping Times. If there is an upgraded restring on a racquet or a bag embroidery, please allow an additional 24-48 business hours. There may be a shipping label created, but it doesn't mean that the order shipped out that same day. Please note that if you are shipping to a residence, FedEx only delivers Tuesday to Saturday. It wont count Monday as a business day. For Express and business shipments, FedEx will deliver Monday to Friday and not count the weekends in shipping times. A 2nd day order placed and shipped on Thursday will not arrive until Monday. An Overnight order shipped Friday will not arrive until Monday.

We also extend our return policy on all holiday purchases to January 31st so you have no worries about being stuck with equipment that doesn't end up fitting your needs. With this in mind, please note that many of the holiday specials are limited in both quantity and time frame. I can't stress enough how important it is that when you see something you really go for it!

One last note...this year we are putting an asterisk on our holiday deliveries citing the Mayan calendar and the end of the world possibility...but barring that, if you order from will get it for Xmas.

Pat Bernardo


RacquetWorld Holiday Specials

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