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How to Install a Silencer or Python Dampner

This is one of the most asked questions....How to Install a Silencer.

I know you are finding this hard to believe but the way the Silencer is installed appears as an optical illusion. It will honestly take 3 seconds to install one once you see the trick to it...

We install 6,000 Silencers a year...not one of them is strung into the string bed...all are easily put in and removed whenever the player wants to.

I will describe this process in words here... Please know that you are not alone in your belief that this vibration device is actually a permanent fixture.

You will notice that all the main strings and cross strings form a nice plus sign where they cross over each other. It is the compression caused at this cross point that holds the eyelet in place. To insert or take out the eyelet...all you do is relieve the cross section of it's pressure and the eyelet can be inserted or removed in under 1 second.

Locate the exact spot where you want the eyelet to you look at this spot there are two different arrangements that you could be looking is that the main, vertical string is on top of the cross, horizontal string...if you have the vertical string under the horizontal string at this point...don't panic...simple flip the racquet over...and your exact spot will now have the vertical string over the top.

With the Racquet facing you, place your hand behind the racquet...take a finger and push forward/up on the vertical string right above the point where the cross string goes under the main will see that this creates a gap between the overlapping are not hurting the strings or anything else with this temporary will slide the eyelet along the horizontal string into that gap and then remove your finger pressure. The main string will lower itself and the pressure it creates at that point will hold the eyelet in place.

To remove the eyelet from either side...all you do is push up on the main string to release the pressure and create this gap and slip the eyelet out...

Honestly once you do this the first'll realize how simple it is...

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