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Ashaway Power Kill 17g Black String (REEL)
    Ashaway Power Kill 17g Black String (REEL)
    Purchase Ashaway Power Kill 17g Black String (REEL)
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      Ashaway Power Kill 17g Black String (REEL)

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    New PowerKill 17g, 17 gauge (1.25 mm) string designed with Power Filament Technology (PFT), a proprietary new wear layer, or "jacket," which uses Zyex fibers to enhance durability and power, and help maintain string tension.

    • Color: Black
    • Length: 360ft
    • Gauge: 17g (1.25mm)

    "Power Filament Technology represents a significant advance in string technology for racquetball that will allow players to push their game to the limit," said Steve Crandall, Vice President of Ashaway. "PFT allows us to incorporate an entirely new surface element of Zyex filaments in the jacket of the string that increases durability and tension holding, and optimizes power. It also enhances sheer strength to reduce frame breakage for chronic string breakers."

    Zyex is a trade name for a high temperature, engineering grade polymer known as polyetheretherketone, or PEEK. PEEK materials like Zyex have several physical properties that recommend them for racquet strings, Crandall explained. Among other qualities, PEEK monofilaments and fibers are very tough and durable, and have excellent abrasion resistance. In tests measuring "thread on thread" abrasion -- one of the key factors in string fatigue -- PEEK multifilaments lasted more than five times as long as "bullet proof" aramid fibers.

    "Another benefit of the PFT jacket in PowerKill Pro is in generating power," Crandall continued. "Zyex filaments are known for their excellent dynamic stiffness, their tremendous ability to stretch and snap back when hitting the ball. This improves the power of every shot while decreasing string bed stiffness and impact shock, a property we call 'soft power'."

    Bright red in color, PowerKill 17g is available in 40 ft. sets and 360 ft. reels. Recommended stringing tension is up to 35 lbs., but Ashaway suggests using 10-20% less tension than normally used for standard nylon strings.

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