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Python SUPER TACK Racquetball Rubber GRIP (Smooth Tacky)
    Python SUPER TACK Racquetball Rubber GRIP (Smooth Tacky)
    Purchase Python SUPER TACK Racquetball Rubber GRIP (Smooth Tacky)
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      Python SUPER TACK Racquetball Rubber GRIP (Smooth Tacky)

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    We know you have been missing that clear, thin rubber grip and it is finally back from a brand you can trust. This new grip is called the Super Tack Racquetball Grip and it's made by Python. We have tested these over the last 6 months and if you are a tacky rubber grip fan once you try this you will never use another tacky smooth grip again.

    The top reasons to buy the Super Tack rubber grip:

    • Python has been Racquetworld's #1 trusted grip brand for 20 years
    • We feel these adhere better to most racquet handles than competitors models even with WD40
    • We feel they are the tackiest on the market
    • Smooth tacky rubber grips are traditionally one of the least durable rubber grips, we feel the Python Super Tack lasts as long or longer than any other rubber grip
    • Very thin which is what our play testers have told they like the most about this grip
    • These are made in the USA unlike the competition!
    • This style grip has been harder to keep in stock than any other model due to the lack of stock from the manufacturers. At Python stock is never an issue so order with confidence and we will try and make sure we are never out of stock ever again
    • For installation use WD40 or Hair Spray - Both work perfect
    I used to use Sport Tac & no glove, but I love this grip, just make sure it's dry.
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    Look Closely
    Verified Buyer
    I have a number of clients that have switched to the super tacky grip from the ribbed version. Either version is challenging to install the first couple of attempts. Stretching the top end of the grip is a good first step. Do not be bashful in your use of WD40. The thing I want you all to look for are tiny knicks on either end of the grip. Those knicks turn into tears and a ruined job. The order before last I had 4 bad grips and had to reorder. I would have ordered the Ektelon tacky, but RacquetWorld no longer carries it, so hoped for the best with my reorder of the Python. The current order, like all other previous orders is fine, but be careful - I'm certain you have no chance of returning a grip if it is torn.
    Also Make sure there are no staples left on the handle from a prior grip. These must be removed or they will tear the new grip.
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    Fine Product
    Verified Buyer
    A great product and easy to apply. It retains grip while it has a good comfort feel during intense play.
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    Python SUPER TACK Racquetball Rubber GRIP (Smooth Tacky)
    Verified Buyer
    I had a friend that used these grips, I always thought that they felt good in my hand, I like a tacky grip. I had never played with the grip, so I was sure how it would hold up in action. I ordered two of them, they were delivered on time to my home. I don't know if you have ever put a pull on grip on your racquet, but it is a bit challenging. My tip to you would be stretch out the first end, several times before trying to put this on your racquet. I did not do this for the first racquet, and it took me awhile to get it on. I then went to the net, where I watched a video, the guy used his fingers to stretch the grip, he did this several times, working it around and around. You must remove all of your old grip or tape, down to the wood. Give a good soaking with some WD-40, then start to put the grip on, you must, angle it, so that the back end of the grip covers the knob...then use your thumbs to push the other part of the other end of the knob. Once you get it on about 1/4 inch, you stand the racquet on just push it down, at that point it will go on real easy. Like I said the first racquest was a challange, took me about 10 minutes and lots of curse words. I did the second one in about 3 minutes, with only a few curse words. I played with my main racquet and new grip last night, and can honestly say, the racquest never turned in my hand, I am loving the new makes a world of difference. I will need to see how long the tackiness lasts, I believe it will, but I will update in a month and let everyone know.
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    Verified Buyer
    Needed to replace original Ektelon grip. Works great. Slid on easy with some WD40. (watched a YouTube video) Stays put with no glue. Would recommend.
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    Verified Buyer
    I had a racquet that the tape was falling off all the time so I bought the python super tack grip it was a little hard getting it over the knob but when you got it started you use hairspray and it slips right on great product.
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    Thin & Tacky
    Very thin and super tacky. I used hair spray based on the installation instructions and it's on there tight with no twisting. This is my new favorite grip.
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