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Head Intelligence 165 Racquetball  Racquet
    Head Intelligence 165 Racquetball  Racquet
    Purchase Head Intelligence 165 Racquetball Racquet
    • SKU: 150304001
      Head Intelligence 165 Racquetball Racquet

    • Price: $79.95 Original Price: $199.95
      Bang for the Buck: $

      Quantity in Basket:  None

    • Grip Size:

    Weight: 165g (unstrung)

    Factory String: Head Synthetic Gut Yellow

    Strung Surface 103 sq in

    Factory Grip: Comfortac Wrap Grip

    Balance: Head Heavy

    Frame Shape: Teardrop

    The 165 Head Intelligence could be the best deal on the market. Bargain hunter's dream! For all you science majors, the intellifibers transform the mechanical energy from ball impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet for ultimate power.

    These are available in 3 5/8 grip size only.

    If you're unsure about your model or weight...try our DEMO Program.

    A racquet cover IS NOT provided by the manufacturer with this racquet. You have the option to add a cover for $10 if you would like.

    RacquetWorld General Notes

    RacquetWorld recommends changing the grip to a Python (Our favorite), which will be $11.00 installed, for the added traction to prevent slippage.  The Racquetworld Grommet Tape upgrade ($1) can save you $$ in the long run as sometimes strings break from the grommet being worn down.For those who don't know what the grommet is, it's the plastic piece at the top of the racquet that the strings go through.When you hit the wall and floor this gets worn down.

    The Python Atlas string upgrade is recommended because factory string is less playable/durable than the Python Atlas string we suggest. At the time of purchase, the Python Atlas restring upgrade is $22.00.  It's normally $36 if you mailed the racquet to us later so you save $14 if you choose the upgrade right away. Another string we highly recommend is the Python Atlas Deluxe restring upgrade ($25.00), and it’s a little softer than the original Atlas for those players that prefer a softer string with incredible playability/durability.

    If you choose a vibration dampener go with the Python Vibration Dampner (Our favorite), Head Megasorb, Gamma Worm or the BBB (Big Bad Band).

    The wristlacer black is the default wrist tether that comes on your racquet at no charge.If you want to change colors, a small fee of $2.95 will be added for switching.

    A question we get everyday is "What is Grommet Tape?"It's a piece of tape that goes over the head (bumper) of your racquet. Sometimes you need a restring because of a broken bumper.For an extra buck to add this, it could save you $25-40!!

    We get follow up calls/emails everyday thanking us for the upgrades as they really help bring out the performance of the racquet. 

    Racquet Covers - Choose one for $10 (RacquetWorld Cover is Only $8.00)

    A full racquet cover is NOT provided by the manufacturer with this racquet. You have the option of adding a full cover for $8-10 if you would like. If you want the best cover on the market buy the Racquetworld Cover. It is oversized, has a full outside pocket, a handle strap and a large shoulder strap as well as a ventilated pocket to let your grip breathe and best of all its $2 less than the others because we want to help you by supporting our company! The charge will only be $8.00 when added to the cart for this choice instead of $10.00 like the other covers.

    Racquet Covers


    This was my first racquet, and it was great! I was able to get a good amount of power out of it while keeping control. I used it for a few years until the strings broke. My play style at the time was scrappy with dives or power from the back court. Overall great for learning the game and how you play.
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    Great Racquet
    Verified Buyer
    For the price can't beat it, very happy with it so far.
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    Review head intelligence 165
    Verified Buyer
    Awesome racquet for price. I’m new to the game and the power is fantastic with great touch as well. I love the python grip that racquet world put on it. I like how you can customize your racquet with the options that racquetworld gives you. The order can in three days and since I spent over 100$ shipping was free. Totally recommend this site.
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    Exclusive RacquetWorld Racquet Ratings

    Ratings and comparisons for all racquets can be found in RacquetWolrd Exclusive Racquet Ratings

    Racquetworld's Durability Rating:  87.00 

    Racquetworld's Power Rating: Age 24-  84.48  Age 35  83.52  Age 45+  82.56 

    Racquetworld's Control Rating #1 (Front Court):  90.24 

    Control 1 (Front Court) represents how the racquet handles upfront in the court. We are basically looking at how certain components stacked together to produce good (or bad) racquet maneuverability. To figure this out we look at the weight, balance point, and shape of the frame. We throw all this info into Pat's brain along with a couple hours of hit testing and out pops the rating. This value is useful especially for doubles players who find themselves covering the upfront court a lot. It is also good to know if you are a good server and find yourself quickly putting away returns off your serve without leaving front middle court.

    Racquetworld's Control Rating #2 (Back Court):  88.80 

    Control 2 (Back Court) represents the traditional control rating when taking a full shot from mid to back court. Our goal with control is to redirect the Force of the ball. We again focus on weight, balance point, shape, string pattern and tension, frame stiffness and on court experience.

    Racquetworld's Overall Rating: Age 24-   86.75   Age 35  86.27   Age 45+  85.79 

    Bang for the Buck  $ 

    Technology - Manufacturers Features:

    RacquetWorld Head Racquetball Racquet Technology Section - Head Technology Section

    • Intellifiber
    • Power Frame
    • Power Channels
    • Power Zone String Pattern
    • Xtra Long
    • Bandit Dampener


    What makes Intelligence Technology possible in racquets is HEAD's breakthrough intellifiber which is a new fiber created from piezoelectric material. HEAD's intellifiber transforms the mechanical energy from ball impact into an electrical response that stiffens the racquet for ultimate power.


    HEAD's new cross-section for increased torsional stiffness. It's an innovative cross-section design featuring dual rounded bubbles in the throat and shaft area of the racquet, reducing weight by 6% and increasing torsional rigidity by 27%. The benefit of this innovation is that because of its light weight and stiffness, HEAD's PowerFrame increases torsional stability for less torque and twist providing optimum control and reduces weight for maximum maneuverability.

    Head's new power technology breakthrough creates more stiffness in the throat area of the racquet for unbelievable power on every shot. Molded tubes pass inside the throat, completely eliminating lower exterior string holes for maximum stiffness. The result is an incredible increase in raw power. In addition, each Power Channel tube is wrapped in a special vibration dampening material. Since each of the 16 main strings pass through one of these tubes, a built in vibration dampening system is created for the ultimate in comfort for all levels of play.

    Power Zone System...

    Innovative new string pattern with "double-hole" grommets creates longer main strings while keeping the sweetspot up high where you need it.; Unique oversized coneshaped grommets allow maximum string elasticity, providing a "trampoline effect" for increased power with every hit.


    All Head racquets are designed with maximum added length for ultimate power and reach.

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