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python racquetballs

Some Common Racquetball Rule Answers
What’s the Rule on the Dotted Line / Safety Zone?
When is it a Screen Serve?
The Blast Rule
Some Hinder Questions and Answers

Pat's Racquetball Tips

Below the Racquetball Video Tips is a list of Pats past Racquetball Tips. Join our Newsletter to be notified when new tips are available, special loyalty codes for great discounts and other great racquetball deals.
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Rocky Carson Monthly Video Tips

World #2 Racquetball Pro & Sponsored Player Rocky Carson will be releasing Monthly Video Tips to help improve your Racquetball Game.

Forehand Swing Fundamentals

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Forehand Swing Fundamentals for Racquetball. Added 3/10/15

Backhand Swing Fundamentals

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Backhand Swing Fundamentals for Racquetball. Added 4/6/15

The Drive Serve

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Drive Serve in Racquetball. Added 5/9/15

The High Lob Serve

Rocky Carson demonstrates the High Lob Serve in Racquetball. Added 6/11/15

Advanced Drive Serves

Rocky Carson demonstrates Advanced Drive Serves for Racquetball. Added 7/12/15

Backhand Z Serves

Rocky Carson demonstrates Z Serves to the backhand for Racquetball. Added 9/14/15

Advanced Lob Serves

Rocky Carson demonstrates Advanced Racquetball Lob Serves. Added 10/13/15

Racquetball Footwork

Rocky Carson demonstrates Racquetball Footwork. Added 11/12/15

Racquetball Ceiling Ball

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Ceiling Ball. Added 1/18/16

Racquetball Down the Line Shot

Rocky Carson demonstrates the down the Line Shot. Added 3/17/16

Racquetball Wide Angle Pass

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Wide Angle Pass. Added 4/21/16

Racquetball Pinch Shot

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Pinch Shot. Added 6/16/16

Racquetball Splat Shot

Rocky Carson demonstrates the Splat Shot. Added 8/11/16

Warming Up for Racquetball

Rocky Carson's Warm Up Routine. Added 9/21/16

Shot Selection for Racquetball

Rocky Carson's Shot Selection. Added 11/14/16

Back wall Shots in Racquetball

Rocky Carson's Back Wall Shots. Added 12/16/16

Footwork V2 in Racquetball

Rocky Carson's Footwork V2. Added 8/16/17


Rocky Carson's Hinders. Added 9/12/17


Rocky Carson's Cuttoffs. Added 10/2/17

Reverse Pinch

Rocky Carson's Reverse Pinch. Added 11/6/17

Return Lob Serves

Rocky Carson's Return Lob Serve. Added 12/15/17

3 Things to Avoid

3 Things to Avoid to Improve your Overall Game. Added 03/15/18

Center Court Position

Center Court Positioning. Added 04/13/18

Year End Notes

Rocky's Year End Recap. Added 05/18/18

Dancing with the Racquetball

Dancing with the Racquetball. Added 08/13/18

Jim Winterton Video Tips

Forehand Preparation

Jim Winterton explains how to prepare for a forehand swing while playing racquetball.

Return of Serve

Jim Winterton demonstrates the proper position to stand in when getting set to return a serve in racquetball.

Simulating Game Conditions in Practice

Jim Winterton demonstrates the use of cones on the racquetball court to simulate game conditions in practice.

ForeHand Swing

Jim Winterton demonstrates a way to practice swinging the racquet on the proper plane for a forehand shot.

Drive Serve Footwork Part 2

Jim Winterton demonstrates the footwork for the drive serve to get you in the best position after the serve.

Serving Tip - Foot Work

"The Coach" Jim Winterton has agreed to do an exclusive 10 tip video series for We all want to improve our game and have any advantage we can get on the court. This series will benefit players of all levels, so keep watchin’ for more.

Body Language

Here is another common sense tip from Coach Winterton that is often overlooked or not even thought about by your common racquetball player. Remember, the difference between a good player and a great player on the racquetball court is a player's ability to implement between 25 and 100 small techniques into their game. At the end of the day these tips, tricks and insights all add up and should tip the scale in your favor against even your toughest opponents. Enjoy!!

Backhand Grip

Jim Winterton shows a simple way to grip the racquet correctly for a backhand shot. He also demonstrates the plane the racquet should be on for a backhand shot.

Key to Pat's Tips
  Humorous   Lesson/Practice   Physical
  Strategy/Mental   Doubles   Rules/Equipment Information

Pat's Tips Date Short Description
The Safety Zone Revisitied 2012 Sept 12
Where Can I Stand After I Serve Jul 12
The Tortoise and the Hare May12
Q & A Part II Apr 12
Tournament Q & A Mar 12
North Pole Finale 2011 Jan 11
Too Much Christmas Dec 11
JGG Pulls a Farve Dec 11
Doubles Serving Strategies Oct 11
Was it a Screne Serve? Aug 11
Game Drills July 11
2011 Rules Update June 11
Can you Catch a Chicken Mar 11
Santa Gets Whacked - No Hinders Feb 11
North Pole Shootout Finale Jan 11
Jolly Green Giant Holiday Strategy Dec 10
Jolly Green Giant Holiday Strategy Dec 10
Jolly Green Giant Holiday Strategy Nov 10
Racquet Breakdown Sept 10
Big Back Billboards May 10
Proof of Angle April 10
The Racquetball Whisperer Feb 10
Foot Pain Jan 10
Milk & Cookies - Santa vs. Mrs Clause Dec 09
How to Live Vicariously in Racquetball Nov 09
Fly Home Snowbirds Aug 09
Hinders T & A June 09
Hinders Follow Up June 09
Lose Some Battles to Win the War May 09
So Many Clown Noses April 09
Soft Paws Mar 09
Free Racquetball in 09 Feb 09
What's in Pat's Bag Jan 09
The Coin Jar Dec 08
The Game Within the Game - Deep Court Nov 08
Old Lions vs. Young Lions Oct 08
The Friendly Backwall Aug 08
Line Drive Warm Ups May 08
Bird Watching April 08
Jolly Green Giant's Revenge Mar 08
No Back Wall - Period Feb 08
Santa vs. the Jolly Green Giant Jan 08
You and Your Grip - (Part Duo) Dec 07
The Shadow Nov 07
Doubles Serves - The Other Side of Paradise Oct 07
Doubles Serves - Divide, Trap, Conquer Oct 07
Red Tushie - The Other Side of the Palm Sept 07
Climb the Mountain Aug 07
A Good String Job July 07
Racquetball Energy July 07
Deciphering a Doubles Team June 07
The Rally May 07
Return of Serve - Defending Aces Apr 07
Serving up Aces - The Mechanics Mar 07
Serving up Aces - The Theory Feb 07
Angel's View Jan 07
Racquetball Chess Dec 06
You and your Grip (Part 1) Nov 06
Red Tushie Oct 06
Mental Trap Oct 06
Spice up your Defense Sept 06
Anger Management Aug 06
Rules/Ref Tips July 06
The Elusive Splat Shot Jun 06
Brief Serving Tip Mar 06
Mind Games Jan 06
Lazy Man's Drills Oct 05
Too Close for Comfort Aug 05
Doubles - Becoming One with your Partner July 05
The Dreaded Back Wall June 05
Your Minds Eye May 05
Top 10 Restringing Tips April 05
Racquetball Life Lessons Mar 05