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python deluxe glove

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Over 90% of all the questions I field are about racquets so I thought I'd explain a few of my thoughts.

All the racquets are weighed in grams. We have listed the weight of each racquet next to the racquet's picture. It's been my experience that the following generally holds true... F=MA... The force you can hit is equal to mass X acceleration. Younger players (below approx. 40 years) generate more power with acceleration. Therefore a lighter weight would enhance acceleration. While an older player with a slower arm movement (Ruben Gonzalez exempt) needs the higher mass to generate the same power. So the younger players tend to find racquets under 175 grams better for their game. While older players tend to like racquets between 180-190g.

Grip Size

I believe you should use the smallest grip size you feel comfortable with. The smaller grips allow for a greater range of motion in the wrist. In addition, please remember that the E-Force racquets have hollow handles. You can't shave these handles down if you purchase a grip that's too large. But it's very simple to add a few layers of tape to build up a grip that's a little small. I have a general grip rule...if you wear an extra-small, small, or medium glove you would almost always want a smaller grip (3 5/8 or SS). If you have an extra-large glove you're going to almost always want a larger grip (3 7/8 , 3 15/16 or XS). Large gloved people have a decision to make.


The most asked question of the racquet questions. Yes, strings are important. No they're not covered by warranty (sorry). I tell people this...if you have never played with the new racquet then you should probably play with the factory strings. How else would you be able to tell if better strings make your racquet play better? If you already know you want to upgrade your string we'll gladly restring your newly purchased racquet for $22.00.

Add a Grip Option

If you ever experienced the racquet turning in your hand...I strongly suggest you get a rubber grip and a glove. Adding a grip DOES make the grip SLIGHTLY larger. Please remember we take off the "wrap grip" before we put on a rubber grip. I use the Python grips ($11.00) myself. They are a little thicker. The E-force Octopus grips ($10.00) are the slimmest but do wear out a little faster. 80% of all racquet purchasers are having their grips changed before we deliver them.

Grommet Tape

You just spent $100 on a racquet...If you need a new set of grommets - can you find them? How much extra is it to restring your racquet when it needs a new grommet set?...enough said. Grommet tape saves your racquet and saves you $$$.


We are a fully AUTHORIZED dealer for ALL the major racquet manufacturers. All racquets carry a one year warranty from the manufacturer. Our invoices are kept on file and we will gladly fax a copy to you if damage occurs to your Racquetworld purchased racquet. Strings don't have warranties. Hitting the wall, another racquet, or your hard head isn't considered "normal playing conditions".