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Racquetball Forehand Swing Racquet Preparation

Jim Winterton explains how to prepare for a forehand swing while playing racquetball.

Past Tips

Return of Serve

Jim Winterton demonstrates the proper position to stand in when getting set to return a serve in racquetball.

Simulating Game Conditions in Practice

Jim Winterton demonstrates the use of cones on the racquetball court to simulate game conditions in practice.

Forehand Swing Plane

Jim Winterton demonstrates a way to practice swinging the racquet on the proper plane for a forehand shot.

Serving Tip - Foot Work

"The Coach" Jim Winterton has agreed to do an exclusive 10 tip video series for We all want to improve our game and have any advantage we can get on the court. This series will benefit players of all levels, so keep watchin’ for more.

Body Language

Here is another common sense tip from Coach Winterton that is often overlooked or not even thought about by your common racquetball player. Remember, the difference between a good player and a great player on the racquetball court is a player's ability to implement between 25 and 100 small techniques into their game. At the end of the day these tips, tricks and insights all add up and should tip the scale in your favor against even your toughest opponents. Enjoy!!

Backhand Grip

Jim Winterton shows a simple way to grip the racquet correctly for a backhand shot. He also demonstrates the plane the racquet should be on for a backhand shot.

Serving Tip - Foot Work 2

Jim Winterton demonstrates the footwork for the drive serve to get you in the best position after the serve.