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Pro Kennex Racquetball Racquet Technology

Pro Kennex Racquetball Racquet Technology Details

Take me straight to the racquets-- Pro Kennex Racquets

The Company...

Pro Kennex is a friendly group of people from California that concentrate on creating the total racquet. Other companies concentrate on just power or control. Pro Kennex racquets have one of the best balances between the two in the game.

Pro Kennex's address is Pure1 Marketing Inc, 17672 Shadel, Tustin, CA 92780 for information and warranty returns. Their phone number is 800-778-1755 and email is

Viperform - New for 2016 - 2017

The Momentum racquets feature an all new stealth shape design, The Viperform. By tapping into the aerospace industry, Pro Kennex has designed a modified parabolic arc to achieve a new range of strength, stiffness and stability. The Viperform design propels our athletes into a new level of play.

TR - Torque Reduction

Torque Reduction System that delivers smooth power.

Counter Balance - New for 2014

Pro Kennex increases tip velocity by 30% in its new break-through Kinetic Counter Balance System. Pro Kennex engineers combined two of their world renown patents in order to break through industry barriers in MAss Distribution and Racquet Speed. The combination of Force Flow Technology that delivers frame stiffness and unmatched power along with the renowned Kinetic System which provides the dynamic balancing and active dampening system to improve inertia score and maximize comfort and health.

Force Flow Technology...

Pro Kennex introduces the all new Force Flow Technology, designed to maximize the aggressive flowing swing forces from players hands into the frame generating enhanced power.This new technology also provides stability and anti torque characteristics in the throat area resulting in an ultra still frame that generates additional power.

Spiral Tech Carbon (STC)

A unique space age blend of treated Spiral Tech Carbon (Graphite) and High Modulus Graphite combined with Nano Epoxy. Results in exceptional dampening qualities and delivers the needed strength and power.