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python racquetballs

Best Selling Racquetball Grips

Grip Tips

If you're looking for the best rubber grip on the market, try the Python grip in the colors shown below. 

***All rubber grips do NOT come with glue from the manufacturer anymore.  You can use Gasket Sealer Glue, WD40, Hair Spray or Lighter Fluid to install***

For those who prefer wrap grips.  Here's a breakdown on what comes on today's racquets.  The standard wrap grip on today's E-Force racquets is the Resin.  The factory grip for the Head racquets is the hydrosorb or comfortac.  For Ektelon, it's the clear vu vision, vision power wrap.  Pro Kennex has a new grey leather grip with grooves for their fingers.  Wilson has their new Micro hybrid wrap grip which is half leather, half rubber.

We do install rubber grips on 80% of our new racquets purchased from us for $11 a grip. If you wear a glove when you play, the rubber grip helps keep the glove sticking to the grip even when your hand gets wet.  This is a common problem for most players.  Players racquets start to twist in their hand causing shots to spray off where they don't want it.  If you're planning on purchasing a racquet and want us to install the grip, just choose the upgrade grip option at checkout when you  purchase the racquet.  Good luck!