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The Company...

Gearbox racquetball was conceived by the company's founder, designer, and pro-level racquetball player, Rafael Filippini. For over a decade, Rafael has been involved in the racquetball industry designing innovative racquetball products. He created Gearbox to fulfill his vision of a racquetball only, design-driven brand. Gearbox racquetball is free from the passing trends of th eracquetball industry. Every product has been thought through with serious and recreational racquetball players in mind. The concept is simple - to empower the racquetball community at large.

Rafael created Gearbox racquetball to be a more organic brand that didn't have to follow industry rules. Rafael Filippini shared his vision of the new brand - a brand that would empower the individual racquetball player with his cousin Rafael Aguilo.

Rafael Aguilo, an established entrepreneur, found himself doing something he would have never previously imagined, dropping his other endevors to pursue Rafael Filippini's vision. He recounts the decision as "one of the most exciting of my life". Together they decided to build a company that was set up to design and manufacture the best quality products in the racquetball industry

Gearbox racquetball takes its roots in being a company for the player designed by a racquetball player. Seeing racquetball not only as a great sport but also as a great lifestyle, Gearbox wants to create a proud and enduring idenity for the sport. Gearbox is commited to designing products for the racquetball player lifestyle, products that promote racquetball on and off the court.

GearBox's address is 1624 E 18th Street in National City, CA 91950 for information and warranty returns. Their phone # is 1-877-4-GEARBOX (1-877-443-2720).