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Ektelon O3 Copper Ektelon EXO3 RG Toron

Ektelon Racquet Technology

Ektelon Racquetball Racquet Technology Details

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The Company...

Ektelon was established by Franklin W. Budi Held on November 4, 1964. The name Ektelon was taken from two New Testament Greek words: Ektein, which is to stretch or draw out and Telon, which conveys the idea of perfection. The contraction of these two words into Ektelon provided both the name for the company, and a basic working philosophy to draw out perfection. In early 1969, Held designed the first experimental racquetball racquet for Bud Muehleisen, a top competitor in the sport. Muehleisen liked it so well that he asked for one for his doubles partner, Charlie Brumfield. Muehleisen and Brumfield won the National Invitational Doubles with those racquets, ensuring instant success for Ektelon racquetball racquets among the sport's tournament players.

Ektelon's address is One Sportsystem Plaza, Bordentown, NJ, 08505 for information and warranty returns. Their phone # is 1-800-2-TeamEK (1-800-283-6647).

Longbody - New for 2015/2016

Ektelon Longbody Technology

New for 2015, up until now the maximum length of a racquetball racquet has been 22in. With the introduction of Ektelon's Longbody Technology the racquets has been increased in length by .5" or 1" depending on the frame. Longbody Technology significantly improves a player’s ability to reach shots that were once unreachable and delivers more power than ever before.

TeXtreme - New for 2014/2015

New for 2014, Ektelons top of the line 4000 Series Racquets are now reinforced by TeXtreme, an advanced carbon fiber spread tow fabric. Designed to be thinner, lighter and more durable than traditional woven fibers, TeXtreme provides a unique and highly beneficial set of mechanical advantages.

Textreme has been added to four key areas of every frame providing superior torsional stability for increased power and accuracy along with extra durability for the serious racquetball player. By allowing the frames to bend WITHOUT twisting, Ektelon is able to deliver the perfect combination of power and control without increasing the overall weight.

Ektelon TeXtreme Technology

Extreme String Pattern (ESP) - New for 2013/2014

Extreme String Pattern (ESP) - Unique string bed designs push the envelope on string pattern technology. Less main strings create greater power and more main strings improve the string bed durability and allows for a thinner gauge sting to be used. The ESP Toron has the the fewest main strings of any Racquetball Racquet at 12, for explosive power.

Ektelon ESP Technology

Energy Bridge Inserts - New for 2010/2011

The New EXO3 Attack and Ignite Racquets come with extra energy bridge inserts. These extra bridges allow you to customize the weight and balance of your frame, putting you in total control of making the right racquet selection for your game

NOTE: These inserts must be strung into the racquet

EXO3 Inserts

EXO3 - New for 2009/2010

EXO3 Technology
EXO3 features The Energy Channel, a radical new frame design which creates elongated open channels located at the 12, 3 and 9 o’clock positions of the frame – which moves the mass to the outer most edges of the frame for exceptional stability. Complementing the Energy ChannelTM of EXO3 is a visible, engineering breakthrough called the Energy BridgeTM. Soft thermoplastic pieces are inserted into the Energy Channel to create an exo-skeletal bridge structure along the outside surface of the frame. The result is a string bed that is almost entirely suspended from the frame itself.

Energy BridgeTM – An exo skeletal structure made from thermoplastic that creates racquetball’s first suspended string bed. The suspended string bed increases the virtual headsize of the racquet and reduces frame vibration by up to 63% and enlarges the sweetspot by up to 51%.

Energy ChannelTM – A sculpted groove within the frame that enhances the dynamic benefits of the Energy BridgeTM to provide added stability, boost ball control and increase spin.

EXo3 Side View
“To have the majority of the strings never come into contact with the frame is an amazing feat that offers unprecedented benefits,” said Roberto Gazzarra, VP of Research and Development at Prince Sports, Inc. “Through our laboratory testing, we actually found that compared to current competitive frames, EXO3 delivers up to 63% less shock and up to a 51% larger sweetspot without ever having to increase the physical head size of the frame. The result is a virtual head size increase from 106 to 117 square inches creating our highest power level ever of 4000 in a frame that feels even more stable, more comfortable and more maneuverable.”
"We have spent more time than usual playtesting the new EXO3 frames and the feedback has been incredible," states Ektelon Product and Promotions Manager, Bryan Crosser. "This technology is so radically different than anything we have ever developed that the entire playtest team and our key players got involved and played a huge role in the final product. Through the process, we determined that thinner gauge strings and higher string tensions enhance the overall performance of the frame. This is why we are introducing EXO3 with a 17 gauge version of Ektelon Premier Power versus the 16 gauge equivalent from last year. Our players are also excited about the addition of the new grip size, SSR = Super Small Round which will feel like a smaller size handle than our SS grip allowing them to generate more snap in their stroke."
“Having the ability to take advantage of a super-oversize racquet without compromising, and actually enhancing, control, feel and maneuverability is incredible,” said IRT Pro Champion, Rocky Carson. “My new EXO3 racquet feels incredibly stable in my hand and allows me to blast the ball with higher velocity than ever before. I cannot wait to hit the tour next season with this new weapon.”