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E-Force Racquet Technology

E-Force Racquetball Racquet Technology Details

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A Little Diddi...

E-Force has an eventful history which I'm not really going into.  The company originated out of Hawaii. All pretty uneventful until it was sold to Ron Grimes and Company in roughly 1992-3. Ron was responsible for the development of Ektelon Racquetball 20 years before. He brought with him a life time of experience and many of the racquet engineers responsible for Ektelon's success. E-Force has a great research and development unit responsible for many of the new technologies outlined below. I was given the grand tour last time I was in town so I know these guys test thoroughly. E-Force is located at 2080 Las Palmas Ste 102 in Carlsbad, CA 92011. Their direct phone number is 1-800-4-E-FORCE. Any warranty issues can be addressed by them directly.

Power Boosters G2 for 2014 - 2015

G2 Power Boosters - Patent Pending. The Second Generation of Hi-Octane Power Boosters® - enhanced and extended to further stabilize the stringbed and increase power for on and off center hits. In addition, ball control and accuracy is increased. The boosters create a solid hitting surface increasing the confidence of the player by turning the entire racquet into a hitting, power, kill zone.

Improved Hi-Octane-Boosters for 2012 - 2013

Under the Paint - There's a Difference

Under the paint and finish of E-Force performance racquets are approximately 50 individual graphite pieces and parts that are molded into a single structure using high temperatures and pressures. These graphite parts vary in many ways including: size,shape, stiffness, weight, graphite fiber orientation, fiber direction and graphite quality. E-Force designs each graphite part, employing these elements, to achieve the desired frame characteristics at each point on the frame. The E-Force engineering resultis a graphite structure in which every inch or segment of the frame is different and designed to provide optimum performance.

New for 2010 - 2011 Hi-Octane-Boosters

Every year E-Force produces the most powerful racquets on the market and this year will be no exception. They’ve stuck with the same head shapes/weights of their previous year’s Command Flex’s but added their new technology called Hi-Octane Boosters to the E-Force Heatseeker Series of Racquets.

What are these Hi-Octane-Boosters going to do for your game?

  • They’ll create a more solid stringbed!
  • They’ll increase your overall power!
  • They’ll give you more power on off center hits!
  • They’ll increase shot accuracy and ball control!

Powerhouse Shaft Technology - History

POWERHOUSE BREAKTHROUGH - In the past, all racquets had standard shaft lengths with whip and power. The introduction of 22" LongString Technology – available only from E-Force – changed racquetball withincreased power through the use of longer mainstrings in free space. Competitors responded by eliminating the racquet shaft and shortening the handle to allow slightly longer mainstrings, though far shorter than E-Force's. Now another breakthrough – E-Force combines the power of shafts with the power of 22" LongStrings in free space, for maximum power. Only E-Force has it.

Other E-Force Technologies Used

BY-PASS Stringing System - Power and livelier ball response. Mainstrings skip every two holes. The ball does not directly strike two adjacent mainstrings at once.

Zero Richter Tubes - String vibration is reduced. Mainstrings are enclosed in 100” of vibration-damping tubes hidden in handle.

Launch Pad Technology - Maximizes power. Eliminates unnecessary deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat. Increases stringbed deflection.

Recoil Power Edge - Larger stiffer cylinders in hitting area reduces twist /distortion. More stringbed deflection and power.

Patented Extreme Longstring Technology - All mains and crosses are the longest possible – extend to outside edges of the frame and handle.

Fiber Alignment (FAT) Zones - More strength and power in racquet head. Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of frame.

Total Carbon Head -Adds stiffness, durability and power. Paint and non-structural materials replaced with additional carbon graphite.

Tri - Carbon Frame - Increased stiffness / more power. Optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites

Patented Dual Cyclinder Construction - Ultra-thin, two-tube with bridge construction – longer strings, more power. Reduced frame twist and distortion.