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Penn Giant Variety Jug

Penn Giant Variety Jug
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3 Blue, 3 Red, 3 Green, 3 Hi Def


Penn Giant Variety Jug Details

Description of the Racquetballs

  • 3 Penn Blue, 3 Green, 3 Red, 3 Hi Definition

Penn Green:

The Official Ball of USA Racquetball makes the Pro Penn the most widely used ball in US tournament play.And, the Pro Penn ball is the Official Ball of the International Racquetball Federation making it an International favorite as well. The bright green color has great on-court visibility and the consistent speed, playability and durability make Pro Penn the choice of players who know "The Ball Matters" WORLDWIDE!

Penn Blue:

The ball that set the standard for which all other racquetballs are measured. The World’s #1 Selling racquetball has just become the Official Ball of the Legends Tour. The greatest players of all time chose the Penn Ultra-Blue racquetball for its long, lively, consistent play. Always a great value, the Penn Ultra-Blue delivers.

Penn Red (Ballistic 2.0):

The Penn Ballistic 2.0 has been created with even more speed for the most intense racquetball ever. Designed for outdoor racquetball with increased durability, maximum visibility, and ultimate speed. The new Ballistic is also great for lightning fast indoor play. Experience racquetball at an all new level with the Penn Ballistic 2.0.

Penn Hi Definition:

Penn revolutionized racquetballs once again with the introduction of new Pro Penn High Definition (HD). Penn high-performance engineers joined forces with the top professional players in the world on the IRT to develop the ultimate racquetball. Better visibility, more speed, lighter weight and softer feel were the result of this collaborative effort.