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RacquetWorld Starter Racquetball Kit

RacquetWorld Starter Racquetball Kit
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Price: $24.95


Choose your Racquet:
Racquet Cover:
Upgrade Grip ($8.00 - $11.00):
Upgrade Factory Strings ($21.95 - $25.00):
Upgrade Wristlacer ($2.95 - $5.95):
Add Vibration Dampner ($0.25 - $4.95):
Add Grommet Protection Tape ($1.00-$2.00):

RacquetWorld Starter Racquetball Kit Details

Description of the Kit

A Racquetworld Exclusive Starter Kit for only $24.95 and the Power Fan Bandit racquet retails for at least $24.95 without the balls or eyeguards!!


Can of Racquetballs

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The Power Fan Bandit Racquet is better quality than any other factory racquetball kit available and each one comes with its own racquetball case that has a shoulder strap and a glove cord attached.