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Beginning Racquetball DVD by Jim Winterton

Beginning Racquetball DVD by Jim Winterton
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Beginning Racquetball DVD by Jim Winterton Details

Description of the DVD

  • Hall of fame coach Jim Winterton covers all aspects necessary to become a successful racquetball player. As he teaches beginning and intermediate students, Winterton also provides instructional information for coaches and teachers. The topics covered in this DVD are:serves, forehand and backhand, simplified shot selection, general strategies, and conditioning. Coach Winterton demonstrates a progressive system of learning, starting with positioning and leading to footwork and execution of shots. This informative DVD will help improve your game quickly, providing noticeable results.


    • Jim Winterton has more than thirty years experience coaching athletes at all skill levels and is recognized as one of the best racquetball coaches in the world. He is thedirector of the High Performance Racquetball Camp in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and has coached the U.S. National Team for twelve years. He has been named Racquetball Coach of the Year by the United States Olympic Committee three times (1995, 1999, and 2003) and was a Racquetball Hall of Fame inductee in 1999. Most importantly...HE'S A GREAT FRIEND OF OURS!