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DEMO Program

DEMO Program
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RacquetWorld Demo Program

Welcome to the RacquetWorld Demo Program

We have the largest racquetball DEMO exchange in the country. And here's how it all works....The total charge for the whole program is $25. Your hard earned money gets you the following:

  • 2 DEMO Racquets of your choice (for up to 7 days)
  • 2nd Day FedEx shipping to you
  • FedEx return prepaid shipping tag
  • $10 Credit toward the purchase of a racquet (within 30 days from return date)

When checking out after making your online demo purchase, make sure you choose the demo shipping method instead of standard FedEx ground. (if you purchase other products along with the demo program the DEMO shipping option will only appear if the added weight is under 2 lbs. If other items are in your cart that weigh more than 2 lbs there will be shipping costs associated with the additional items but will exclude the weight of the demo racquets)

In the past, the charge was $18 but you were responsible for return shipping fees. So basically it's the same great DEMO Program as always only faster!

Be aware that due to the popularity of this program there may be a delay in shipping the racquets you choose.  You will receive an e-mail with a tracking number when your racquets actually ship. If we can't ship your chosen DEMOs within 5 days of your order we will contact you. Just because your order went through does not mean they are shipping that day. It means you are in the lineup to receive the racquets.

Our Demo Program will reach in excess of 1,000 people this year.We have to run a tight ship so please be timely on your returns. There is a late fee for racquets kept beyond your 7 days.  You agree to this when you join this program. Please remember there is a person in line after you waiting. (The 7 days does not include time in shipping - which is exactly 4 days total)

On the lighter side...these are DEMOs...go have some fun...share them with your friends!! If anything happens to them (ie broken strings or <gulp> a broken frame) You are not in trouble!! These areDEMOS...#*$@ happens! Stop playing and give us a call.(888-SPLAT-IT)

Please be aware that you may order gloves or smaller items along with yourDEMO Program. However, if you order items that require a different size box, they will be shipped separately unless otherwise specified.

Racquetworld.Com's DEMO Program is only available to Continental USA addresses. You must ship your racquets back in the same box we shipped them to you in or further charges may be applied. 2nd Day Air is based on dimensional weight of our cute little boxes.

If you have more questions about Racquetworld.Com's DEMO Program, we're an e-mail away.